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  • Oct 17, 2006
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  • With your mini vs g5 you missed some big parts. 1. Your g5 can use better video cards then the mini that uses system ram. 2. The base mini does not have a dvd/rw 3. The g5 has firewire 800 4. The g5 has pci-e / pci /pci-x slots the last ones has pci-e. 5. The g5 has faster HD's and more room for disk. 6. The mini only come with 1gb of ram and the g5 can fit more ram in it. 7. The mac pro cost more then g5 did.
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    No G5 Owners, Snow Leopard is not a Screw Job
  • Apple needs to have an mid - end head less mac with a real video card soon if they want to get more games on mac.
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    Will Apple Define The Future?