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  • Feb 10, 2009
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  • * "Macs are more expensive and I'm happy to pay the premium." * "Mums and dads, first off, don't give a brass razoo about TCO, they just want to know how much it's going to cost today.".... I'd say that's the essence, or a fair chunk of it. I.e. there's the supposed FACT of Macs being more expensive, and then there's what people CARE ABOUT - low price. So back to "Macs are more expensive." We see some articles and comments containing this assertion, making that exact, INCOMPLETE statement, as if it is a valid sentence --- as if it actually means something. But it doesn't, because ANY such sentence is completely meaningless unless the "than" is supplied. So I ask, "Than what?" Than an onion? Than a Ferrari? And the only actually valid "than what" to complete the sentence with is "than low-end, rubbish Windows PCs." Then we have people's perception on price and the drive to buy for as little as possible. Again I say (and Harvey has said, above) - Yes on the mums and dads. We agree with you totally on that. Yes, huge numbers of people buy like that --- even though it's a very stupid way (unless you're genuinely poor) to buy anything, be it kitchen knives, shoes or computers!
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    Are Macs More Expensive?
  • Over and over and over, it has been clearly demonstrated Macs are NOT more expensive, when comparing the same thing. But that's not what you are saying. You are asserting that Macs are more expensive than the lowest level of Windows econo-rubbish. Yes. But so what? To say a Lexus is more expensive than a Ford Colt is true, and it is also just an empty and valueless assertion - with no concretely relevant or actionable implication. What is the "therefore" of such an assertion? In this article, the only "therefore" is "Macs are more expensive. Apple accepts it, so should Mac fans." Well, it's still an empty statement. To be really valid, this should read, "Macs are more expensive than the lowest level cheapo Windows crap computers. Apple accepts it, so should Mac fans." Well, yeh. I accept Macs are more expensive than bargain basement rubbish. But so what? Somewhat similar to saying, "Cars are faster than bicycles." To respond to some other points in the comments... Total cost of ownership, time spent battling viruses and crashes, and greatly increased efficiency are NOT intangibles. They are easily (and extensively) studied concrete factors. Whether a particular purchaser takes them into account or not is a separate question. To call it "intangible" because you or someone else doesn't pay attention to it, or because it is not written on a card, is specious. The whole price question is just foolish. Whether with computers, websites, shirts or cars, the question of "How much does it cost?" is just about the worst question you can ask (unless you are living on welfare or are one of the "working poor"). The vital question is, "What am I getting?" If you want to buy a smoke-trailing, 1980s Lada, by all means, buy one. But never yourself it's better than a Lexus, or that Lexus should make similar cars, or that total cost of ownership doesn't matter, or that such a purchase is automatically wise. ".... it’s the upfront cost that matters most." Yes. Unfortunately, to many people, that's the primary question --- and, I would assert, a horribly mistaken distortion of sensible purchasing. To have a knee-jerk response of automatic purchase of the lowest-priced product shouts, "I have no clue." So if that's all you're saying - that many people will by low-level econo goods for the lowest price (a la WalMart) - yes, you're absolutely right. But.... uhhhh.... soooo? What's that got to do with Apple?
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    Are Macs More Expensive?