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  • Let me ask you this: Why does it matter? If people want to use Windows, what difference does that make to you? Granted, if your parents are bugging you every week to help them fix some Windows virus, you have a valid reason to try and steer them toward a Mac, because it directly affects you. But if there is no direct impact on you, what the hell difference does it make what platform people use? This is eerily similar to the homosexuality argument. Ultra-conservatives seem to believe that what other people do in the privacy of their own homes somehow affects their own lives. Get over yourself. I'm glad you've stopped torturing your "friends" with your ridiculous insults. You might even find they spend more time with you now that you treat them like actual human beings instead of belittling their existence.
    Steven Leigh had this to say on Dec 17, 2007 Posts: 13
    I've Given Up Arguing with Windows Users
  • I can't wait to try and edit photos on my touch screen. I wonder what the colors will look like under all the finger grease.
  • The reason we can't rip DVD's is people like yourself. You just blatantly admitted to ripping your CD's and then selling them to someone else. In other words, you no longer own any of the songs in your library. The idea that we will all do the same with DVD's is the reason it is illegal. Once you've ripped The Matrix to your hard drive, you'll probably sell that in a yard sale too. A truly clueless article. Articles like this are just hurting the cause even more. Thanks for that.
    Steven Leigh had this to say on Dec 10, 2007 Posts: 13
    When Will Apple Decide Ripping DVDs Is Cool Too?
  • Congratulations. This is a new low for the site.
    Steven Leigh had this to say on Nov 25, 2007 Posts: 13
    Do We Only Buy iPods Because Our Poop Stinks?
  • It is ironic, though, how you wrote an iPhone article asking people to stop writing iPhone articles. :)
  • "Here’s something I don’t get. Why is lack of third-party driver updates on the PC always blamed on Microsoft for not being compatible? But lack of third-party driver support on the Mac is always blamed on the third-party developers for being too slow." Make no mistake. I wasn't blaming Microsoft for the lack of drivers directly. It is certainly the third-party developers' responsibility to make themselves compatible. But my point is that Microsoft created an environment where developers took a "wait and see" attitude, rather than releasing drivers quickly. In my opinion, this was based on reactions to the XP launch. Ultimately, Microsoft's track record with XP is what caused so much hesitancy with Vista, and so they were indirectly responsible for all the compatibility problems people are experiencing now.
    Steven Leigh had this to say on Oct 31, 2007 Posts: 13
    Vista Was Doomed 6 Years Ago
  • Nowhere on that page do they state that you can burn protected files to a CD-RW, because you can't. You can only burn data to a CD-RW, and possibly non-DRM mp3 tracks. This whole discussion is just proving my point further. Why should we have to jump through all these hoops just to backup songs we legally purchased? You can argue all these backup methods as much as you want, but I should be able to make a quick and simple backup of media I have purchased and know that it will work years from now. If I copy Amazon Mp3s to a hard drive for backup, or burn them to a data CD, I know they will work. If I backup iTunes songs to a disc as data, in 4 years I may not be able to authorize it anymore. Which do you think I will choose?
    Steven Leigh had this to say on Oct 17, 2007 Posts: 13
    Do You Really Own Your Music?
  • You can burn an Mp3 CD or data backup to a CD-RW, but NOT an audio CD from your DRM-infested tracks. So this is not a way to backup and then re-rip your tracks. Did you actually try this before you said I was incorrect?
    Steven Leigh had this to say on Oct 17, 2007 Posts: 13
    Do You Really Own Your Music?
  • Backing up to CD is not a viable option for two reasons: 1. If you have a large collection (I have more than 4000 songs) this just won't work. And iTunes won't let you burn to CD-RW discs anyway. 2. You lose a LOT of quality by burning and re-ripping, plus you lose all the artwork and ID3 tags and have to re-do them all. The quality of the DRM tracks on iTunes is only 128kbps, and if you reduce that anymore, it becomes unlistenable. By the time you have done all this, you might as well have bought the CD and ripped it yourself. Then you have a full-quality backup already.
    Steven Leigh had this to say on Oct 17, 2007 Posts: 13
    Do You Really Own Your Music?
  • Oh yes, and as for Vista being rubbish, I partially agree. The sad reality is that Vista is actually quite good in and of itself, but plagued by many other related issues, some of which are out of Microsoft's control. Others were Microsoft's own doing, however. What issues you might ask? Stay tuned. I will cover my observations on Vista in an upcoming article. Also, stay tuned for the opposite side of this article, "8 Reasons Windows Users DO Switch", which should appear next week.
    Steven Leigh had this to say on Oct 03, 2007 Posts: 13
    8 Reasons Windows Users Don’t Switch
  • "The big problem with lists like this is that they miss the subtleties-- the underlying realities." Actually, the big problem with lists like this is that people take them way too seriously. These are merely my own observations, drawn from my own opinion, and distilled into 8 bullet points. This was never meant to be a long manifesto on everything that is wrong with Apple. It was only meant to bring up a few points that Mac users may not have considered, and to spark discussion. Your points are valid and well-written, of course, but well beyond the point of this article. I would not be the person to cover the entire subject in detail, and if I were going to try and tackle that, I would write a full book, and not a short article.
    Steven Leigh had this to say on Oct 03, 2007 Posts: 13
    8 Reasons Windows Users Don’t Switch
  • Great comments from you all. davidwb, Even though I think Vista is great, as I said in the article, it's definitely not good enough to keep using it. Compatibility issues like yours are the main drawbacks, and that's a HUGE drawback. I will likely write a more detailed article soon about the best and worst of Vista (mostly worst), and I will be able to elaborate more. Still, my main point in this article is that Vista is not as bad as Steve Jobs and Apple would like you to believe. Keith, I was thinking specifically of CompUSA, where there are multiple aisles of Windows games, and only one little shelf of Mac games. Obviously, console games are even more prevalent than either Windows or Mac games, but that's not really the point.
    Steven Leigh had this to say on Oct 02, 2007 Posts: 13
    8 Reasons Windows Users Don’t Switch