Apple III+

by Dierdre Malfato (Solspace) Jan 15, 1983


  • After a short lived release from 1983 to 1985, Apple discontinued the III line.  The Apple III+ sold only 65,000 units total. jocuri barbie | jocuri online | jocuri fotbal

    marius had this to say on May 09, 2011 Posts: 10
  • nice apple
    <a >Koszalin</a>

    monstrum had this to say on May 19, 2011 Posts: 13
  • how much is this? iphone 5 case

    [email protected] had this to say on Sep 14, 2011 Posts: 6
  • I think that this computer doesn’t stand out of the crowd between many others that Apple have designed. Ok, it is part of computer history but don’t have any extraordinary like navy base

    ledlauzis had this to say on Oct 28, 2011 Posts: 16
  • A mark in the history, master piece which is best in all and yes of course its history of Apple too. jailbreak iphone 5

    adeel778 had this to say on Nov 17, 2011 Posts: 2
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