August 29, 1991: First Space Based E-Mail

by Chris Seibold Aug 29, 2010

Stephen Levy wondered aloud about the NASA program: What right-minded agency would take the Mac portable into space? After all, who would take such a heavy, badly designed computer on board the space shuttle?

Mistake or not, the Mac Portable did go aboard the space shuttle and the machine was used by the astronauts. The internet still being in its infancy there was no reason to check AppleMatters or update their MySpace page, so instead the astronauts used the computer to send the first email from orbit via a custom designed Appletalk connection.

The first extra-planetary e-mail was sent using a Mac Portable this week in 1991.


  • Aha I found the typo. smile Because the took THEY mac portable. “They” should be “the” most likely.

    Frozonecold had this to say on Aug 29, 2006 Posts: 32
  • Hey guys am I the only one who reads this, because I found the typo several hours ago.

    Frozonecold had this to say on Aug 29, 2006 Posts: 32
  • What’s MySpace?

    pane had this to say on Aug 29, 2010 Posts: 2
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