Colca Sac— a Snug Warm Jacket for Your Macbook

by Meiera Stern Dec 15, 2009

In my job as executive editor of Apple Matters I've received a number of laptop cases for review over the years. But this year, I got a case that stood out from the hordes of sleek rectangular sheaths.

I had never seen a case quite like this, and I was a little skeptical at the beginning. The seams weren't perfectly symmetrical—it lacked the industrial look and feel I've come to expect as the hallmark of a good computer case. And frankly, it looked like a gunnysac. Plus, the velcro strip that held it all together seemed like it wouldn't hold it together. But after a day or so of toting my laptop around encased in faux, water-resistant fur, I was sold.

When, in a rush I put my covered laptop on the floor of my car and drove off spilling coffee onto the Colcasac, it was like magic. Not only did the case shield my laptop from potential annihilation, but the coffee seemed to disappear altogether.  I still can't find the site of the spill. So, there was no need to wash the case. It doesn't even smell like coffee, honest!

Shaking my laptop in its new case, violently, and upside down, over my bed assured me that the velcro patch was just the thing to keep my laptop from slipping out.

The little front pocket is just the right size to hold:

1. my power cord

2.  a roll of quarters for parking and

3. my iPhone.

But I have to say, this external pocket would be better if it had a little flap over it, because even though it's snug in there my quarters fell out.

The Colcasac, which can be ordered to fit a wide variety of Mac laptops, and in an array of colors and patterns also has curb appeal. Whipping it out of my backpack at my local café has occasioned comments such as, "Where did you get that cool case?" and "What is that thing you have there?!"

If you are looking for a great gift to give anyone with a laptop, I would highly recommend giving them a Colcasac Macbook sleeve. And for now at least shipping is free, so for $33 bucks wrap your Macbook in some fleece and burlap for the winter, and let the snow fall. Even if you drop your computer in the white stuff, as I did last week, the computer will stay warm, dry, and cushioned.

Note to Colcasac: Please work on bodily sleeves for us humans next.





  • I do not like using a jacket or something like that. Usually I just use a bag only, to protect my Mac Book. I think it’s more than enough.
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