iMac G5 17” (Ambient Light Sensor)

by Dierdre Malfato (Solspace) May 15, 2005


  • Might want to update this page. It’s also out of whack.

    - 1.8GHz or 2.0GHz. No 1.9GHz
    - No Apple Remote (won’t even work with it)
    - Max RAM is 2GB, 2 SDRAM slots (184-pin), PC3200 - DDR400
    - ATI Radeon 9600 graphics processor
    - No iSight video camera

    Chris CA had this to say on Jul 02, 2008 Posts: 2
  • This case, unlike the previous models, opened only from the front and requires the LCD screen to be removed before internal components can be accessed. Apple recommend no user serviceable items other than RAM which is accessible through a small door in the base edge of the iMac, however, in the intervening years many excellent guides and videos have been posted on the internet to support replacing some internals including the HDD and optical drives, but doing so would void any remaining Apple warranty.-Jonathan Berkowitz

    Ana had this to say on Aug 24, 2011 Posts: 76
  • All three configurations were very good. There were just few differences between them. Asigurari RCA ieftin

    selena had this to say on Oct 27, 2011 Posts: 35
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