June 3, 1969: Woz Leaves College to Return to Bay Area

by Chris Seibold Jun 03, 2011

When Steve Wozniak went to college the first time, he opted for the University of Colorado in Boulder. His chosen course of study? Electrical engineering (naturally). Unfortunately, college didn’t work out the way Woz had hoped. In fact, things got so bad he was forced to hire a lawyer.

Before any lawyer hiring became necessary Woz took a job (his first) in the college cafeteria. While working in the dorm cafeteria is an unpleasant job for a variety of reasons, Woz's experience was worse than most when he loaded some trays on a conveyor improperly and sent enough dishes to their doom to wipe out a semester’s worth of earnings. CU let that slide.

While plates may have been no big deal to the University, computer time was. And the University felt Woz was co-opting too many computing minutes from the mainframe for personal programs. With the threat of expulsion hanging over his head, Woz hired a lawyer and managed to avoid getting booted for a sincere love of computers. Apparently, the experience soured Woz on the University of Colorado and he left college at the age of 18, this week in 1969.


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