PowerBook G4 (Gigabit Ethernet)

by Dierdre Malfato (Solspace) Oct 30, 2001


  • It uses the PowerPC G4 processor. The PowerBook G4 had two different designs: one enclosed in a titanium body with a translucent black keyboard and a 15” screen; and another in an aluminum body with an aluminum-colored keyboard, in 12”, 15”, and 17” sizes. The PowerBook G4 line was the last generation of the PowerBook series, and was succeeded by the Intel-powered MacBook Pro line in the first half of 2006. I chose to have the Titanium PowerBook G4 it’s lighter though slightly more expensive than Aluminum models. GAR Labs

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  • I think this still to be a good product from the Apple and if they increase some updates it will be better than anytime. Asigurari medicale

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