September 16, 1997: Steve Jobs Becomes Interim CEO

by Chris Seibold Sep 16, 2010

After Apple bought NeXT, Steve Jobs agreed to stay around to offer advice. Less than a year later Gil Amelio was gone. This left Apple without a CEO, a position Steve had turned down with the ouster of Amelio. With the CEO search underway, Apple was in need of day-to-day direction. Steve agreed to provide it on an interim basis.

Dubbing himself the "iCEO" where "i" stood for "interim," Steve took the reins of Apple and set a course for profitability.

The first use of the now ubiquitous "i" came when Steve Jobs moved into the CEO office at Apple on a "temporary" basis this month in 1997.


  • First, I thought it was NEXT. Second, what’s with the [h2]?

    Frozonecold had this to say on Sep 16, 2006 Posts: 32
  • It is most defintely NeXT. Steve Jobs paid a lot of money for that logo!

    Chris Seibold had this to say on Sep 16, 2006 Posts: 354
  • Yes, like $100,000 to Frog Design I think it was

    thethirdshoe had this to say on Sep 16, 2008 Posts: 3
  • Their goal is to fold NeXTSTEP into the new Mac operating system. -Instant Tax Solutions

    InstantTaxSolutions had this to say on Aug 08, 2011 Posts: 10
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