September 18, 1988: Last Apple 2 Introduced

by Chris Seibold Sep 18, 2010

It took three years before the obviously superior Mac outsold the Apple //. The Mac might have been better in every quantifiable way, but many truly loved the Apple // series of computers and had a lot invested in the software for the machines.

Never a company afraid to milk a cash cow, Apple was more than happy to continue updating the Apple // line. While the Apple //c was the last model line introduced (along with the GS), the very last iteration of the //c model line released was the Apple //c+.

The computer featured a 4 MHz 65c02, an internal power supply and a 3.5-inch floppy drive. All this could be yours for $1,099, starting this month in 1988.


  • I have one of these machines (along with a fairly extensive library of software) and still start it up occasionally.  Even today it’s a nice-looking compact computer.

    macman had this to say on Sep 18, 2006 Posts: 6
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