Sincere Apologies

by Hadley Stern Nov 28, 2007

Its amazing how in life one still keeps learning. Such was the case yesterday. When I was originally contacted by the Macheist team I honestly thought it was a funny prank and one that was in support of the great developer community our platform has. To often in the Mac community we take ourselves way to seriously and the idea of participating in something other sites were already participating in seemed harmless. I wasn’t doing it for traffic, or fame, just for fun. Of course in the process I let down the readers of this site, and the web hosting provider, and the maker of the excellent CMS the site uses.

In hindsight I’m not upset with anyone really but myself. I still think the original idea was a fun one, but looking back, it obviously was not a good idea because it had the potential to harm others.

So, hopefully, dear readers, you will forgive Apple Matters and we can back to the task at hand, which is writing, and reading about everything apple. Once again, I am sorry. For more background on the Macheist go


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