Power Macintosh 9600

Introduced: February 1997
Terminated: Early 1998


The Power Macintosh 9600 ran a PowerPC 604e processor at 200, dual 200 or 233Mhz.  The hard drive had 4Gb of space, a 12x or 24x CD-ROM, a 1.4 floppy drive and an optional Zip 100 drive.  The RAM was expandable to 1.5 Gb via the 12 EDO or FPM DIMM slots.  It had a ixMicro TwinTurbo graphics card and six PCI slots.  There was only a single analog audio in and out in addition to the built-in speaker.


With a new tower style case that was designed with accessibility in mind, the Power Macintosh 9600 was similar to the model that preceded it- the 9500.  It was a very expandable machine, but not one particularly well oriented for audio/video purposes. 


Processor: PowerPC 604e or PowerPC 604ev Mach V
Processor Speed: 200, dual 200, 233, 300, 350 MHz
Cache: 64 KB L1, 512 KB L2 or 1 MB Inline (on 300 MHz+)
System Bus: 50 MHz
Hard Drive: 4 GB
Media: 12x or 24x CD-ROM, optional Zip 100, 1.44 MB floppy
Weight and Dimensions (US): 35 lbs., 17.3” H x 9.7” W x 17.3” D
Weight and Dimensions (Metric): 15.9 kg, 43.9 cm H x 24.6 cm W x 43.9 cm D
Original Mac OS: System 7.5.5 (System Enabler 702)
Maximum Mac OS: Mac OS 9.1
Firmware: Open Firmware with Macintosh ROM
Logicboard RAM: None
Maximum RAM: 1.5 GB
Type of RAM Slots: 12 - 5v 168 Pin EDO or FPM DIMMs
Minimum RAM Speed: 70ns (200, dual 200, 233 MHz) 60ns (300MHz+)
Interleaving Support: Yes
Graphics Card: ixMicro TwinTurbo
Graphics Memory: 8 MB (non-upgradable)
Built-in Display: None
Display Connection: DB-15
Expansion Slots: 6 - PCI
Hard Drive Bus: SCSI
Backup Battery: 3.6 V Lithium
Max Watts: 390 (200, dual 200, 233 MHz) 560 (300 MHz+) W
Line Voltage: 100-125/200-240
Ethernet: AAUI and 10BASE-T
Modem: None
ADB: 1
Serial: 2
SCSI: 1 - DB-25
USB: None
FireWire: None
Audio In: 1 - 3.5-mm analog input jack
Audio Out: 1 - 3.5-mm analog output jack, 1 - Built-in speaker


Introduced in February 1997, the Power Macintosh 9600 increased its speed in August 1998 to 300 or 350Mhz with a Mach 5 processor chip.  However, it was not on the market long, partially due to a limited supply of the chips, but primarily due to the release of the G3 line.  The Power Macintosh 9600 was discontinued in late 1998.



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