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  • I don't think the majority of stories on Apple Matters are negative toward Apple, but if they are, then they are for a reason. This article isn't intended to be negative, I think the iPhone is great and I can't wait for it and because of this I thought it would be a good idea to give it a little defence before people start criticising it, forgetting it is a first generation product that is bound to have a few flaws.
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    Before You Buy the iPhone...
  • Not to disagree with you, xwiredtva, but the Prada came out before the iPhone, just to correct a point you made.
    Aaron Wright had this to say on Jun 29, 2007 Posts: 104
    Before You Buy the iPhone...
  • Do you guys think there will be more on offer from Leopard come launch? I dare say there will be a special event at time of launch to show off a few more features. I just can't see that what Leopard has to offer is it, there's gotta be more to it. I'm starting to like what I'm seeing though. Stacks, Spaces and Quicklook are things I would certainly use with a huge smile on my face. The best moment for me was the Steve Ballmer/Schiller iChat thing - I didn't expect that at all. Apple has humour, I give them that.
    Aaron Wright had this to say on Jun 17, 2007 Posts: 104
    WWDC Delivers the Goods — and a Hot Safari!
  • Keyboards and mice have nothing to do with viruses. Multi-touch IS an external input device, just like a keyboard and mouse. I’m curious as to how your computer with a keyboard and mouse will zap those viruses better than multi-touch when your computer locks up. Do you have a magic keyboard? Whiteside, I don't think you've understood what I have said. The keyboard/mouse actions of 'Surface' are built into the computer - i.e: touch screen? If a virus wipes out the use of the onboard keyboard/mouse function, how will you perform any tasks on the computer in order to eradicate the virus? Multi-touch is not an external input device, it's built right into the operating system.
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    Microsoft Challenging Apple's Multi-touch
  • The 4 and 8GB capacity's are "monster" when you consider that most mobile phones come with mere megabytes at the moment. The only downfall of this monster 8GB capacity is that it can't be expanded on. As far as mobile phones go, 4GB is incredibly generous, let alone 8.
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    iPhone a Success Story or Flop?
  • James, this would be a great question for AAM - why not post it on the forums? http://www.applematters.com/index.php/forums/viewforum/24/
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    Problems with Pages
  • Make sure the computer is not in a dusty room, make sure the computer is not directly under an HVAC vent; dust the computer table at least once a week, don’t eat snacks or meals while using the Mac, and wash your hands before using the Mac if you have been gardening, tinkering with the car, cleaning house, wrestling with the dog, or brushing the cat. I appreciate you're sticking up for Apple here, I do, but as Ben Hall has said, why should I have to do all of these things just to allow my mouse to function properly? I never had to do this with a Logitech DiNovo set I've had for three years, I've never had to do it with a MS mouse I've had for 2 years (which I'm forced to use now), so why should I do it with Apple's Mighty Mouse? What you're basically asking of me is to have my Mac and Mighty Mouse in an air tight room whilst wearing a protective PVC uniform.
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    Mighty Mouse Must Die!
  • I'm sorry but 3.33 hours of talk time is absolutely pathetic and, I feel I have to defend this point, the iPhone IS just a mobile phone and nothing more. http://www.engadget.com/2007/01/09/the-iphone-is-not-a-smartphone/
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    Meizu M8 vs. Apple iPhone
  • Wot Fan, I was going to mention this in the article but decided against it as it was too tangential, but the iPhone is NOT a smartphone, simply a mobile phone. I haven't come across a mobile phone in the past 3 years that has a battery life (talktime) of 5 hours or less, and those that do are the cheaper ones, generally. The iPhone, with all the money it costs, should really have a better battery than the one being offered.
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    Meizu M8 vs. Apple iPhone
  • I don't really see how a multi-touch screen keyboard would be beneficial to anyone, as it would only prove more costly and add to the likely-hood of it breaking down at some point. It's more of a gimic than something that would change the way we use computers really.
    Aaron Wright had this to say on Mar 06, 2007 Posts: 104
    Multi-Touch Coming to a Mac Near You?
  • I don't think it's so bad for the people that build their own PC's, because in most cases (if built in recent years) a new Graphics card and more RAM is all that would be required. Okay, this costs more money again but it's a cheaper than buying a whole new PC, something a computer novice would probably do considering they can't build PC's (add/remove hardware at least).
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    Vista Helping OS X
  • Glad to read one of your articles again Mr. Mehta and thanks for the information on 802.11n, because up until now I had no idea what the differences were.
    Aaron Wright had this to say on Feb 01, 2007 Posts: 104
    Apple Charges Fee for Hardware You Already Have
  • I hope the next line of iMacs stays with the computer-in-a-monitor style, because I think it's the most convenient and stylish. I liked the old G4 with its dome hub and swivel neck, but the G5 iMac model is definitely the sleekest. If anything, Apple should really concentrate on making the iMac as thin as possible, whilst upping the power. I don't suppose that can happen until we get rid of hard-drives and replace them with flash memory.
  • I mentioned that if you purchase Leopard you'll most probably get it included without a fee.
    Aaron Wright had this to say on Jan 24, 2007 Posts: 104
    Apple to Charge for Bootcamp?
  • You believe everything someone tells you? A company would happily lie or at least bend the truth a little to keep morale high with its consumers.
    Aaron Wright had this to say on Jan 24, 2007 Posts: 104
    Apple to Charge for Bootcamp?