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  • Mar 05, 2008
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  • What progress has been made to include (1) Voice Dialing in the iPhone armamentarium, and (2), further along, same question relating to Dictation Software (that would let a user dictate an outgoing Email, text of which could later be retrieved by a home computer and then filed or printed . . . ) ?
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    What Would You Talk to Steve Jobs About?
  • One can readily change the main menu choices at the top of the screen in SAFARI, by merely sliding the mouse across the top of the screen. It then displays each menu, as you go, so that if you originally chose one particular menu, and then changed your mind, you can readily move to the next one. But this is not true of the BOOKMARKS BAR, where, if you look at one drop down menu, you have to exit it with another click, before moving to another drop down menu. This should be changed as the main menu choices function.
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    How Could OS X Be Improved?