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  • Oh. My. Geez. I was laughing so hard tears came to my eyes! Brilliant!
    Aurora77 had this to say on Apr 18, 2007 Posts: 35
    Four Apple Pundits You Should Never Read
  • As far as we know computer design and form-factor today, the iMac is the pinnacle. Where will Apple go from here? The same place they always go -- two or three steps ahead. Remember when the iMac first came out? Where was the floppy drive? Why did everything depend on USB? Remember all that? Apple will do the same thing again, because it's what they do best.
    Aurora77 had this to say on Mar 12, 2007 Posts: 35
    Where Does the iMac Go From Here?
  • Consider for a moment the following individuals: 1) Musicians. The delay in accessing a web-based virtual synth or recording app would produce delays in the recording that would wreck the music. 2) Gamers. Again, a second delay or two results in you (or your friends) getting fragged. No go. 3) Graphics designers. The Photoshop Phreaks of the world won't stand for momentary blips of service interruption, especially when that ruins their images. No. The apps will have to be local, and no-one has the time to send their massive pics back and forth just for editing. 4) Movie designers. The same as #3 times about ten. 5) Desire for local control of data and applications. See: libertarians, privacy advocates, and Americans in general. So you see, there are a whole host of reasons why the OS won't be going away anytime soon. Simply put, having large apps remaining local is both more efficient and less bother. There is no need to be sending around massive files just to get your work done. Every six months or so an article like this one pops up and I just shake my head each time.
    Aurora77 had this to say on Feb 16, 2007 Posts: 35
    The End of the Operating Systems War
  • 1) It looks lame. 2) It runs Windows. 3) Its selling point is the spec sheet (i.e. catering to the geek). If computer maufacturers don't learn how to make it easy for folks to use their products, they'll never pull a single soul away from Apple. I laugh at this marketing attempt. Clearly, HP doesn't get it. Apple does.
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    The HP Crossfire. iMac Killer Anyone?
  • I honestly could not care less about games for any platform. I seriously doubt that Apple has "making games" in mind when they hired the folks with the Open GL experience. Why would they? What real reason is there for Apple to create games? No-one's been able to justify that. This rumor has been one of the stupidest I've ever seen going around.
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    Apple Entering Video Games Console Market? Not Likely.
  • So Apple's service down under still sucks. It's not news, unfortunately. This is one area where Apple really needs to fix their poop.
    Aurora77 had this to say on Oct 25, 2006 Posts: 35
    Who Does Apple Think is Buying iPods?
  • I suppose if you ignore everything that's been written about Vista, you could say that it's going to be "good". 1) Microsoft security is swiss cheese, and I don't see any improvement in Vista. Not unless you call Microsoft getting into the AV game and charging users for subscriptions an improvement. 2) You have heard about all the anti-piracy measures in Vista, and how erm, they have malfunctioned? Would you like to lose your computer for a few days because Vista's piracy prevention malfunctioned? Welcome to Windows. 3) Usability and reliability are important, nay critical to computer users. Is Windows any more useable than XP? How about reliable? Don't make me laugh. And compared to OS X? You haven't done your homework and you want me to give a free pass on it? Usability is far more than appearance! 4) As for what "most people think" or "what most people notice", who really cares? Using a computer is not a game of "follow the leader". Buried in those phrases are the supposition that "well if it's good enough for Harry, then I guess it's good enough for me." Right. Like I'm going to give up my right to think to be part of a crowd. Stuff that. Apple Matters is ocassionally humorous, but I found this article to be humorous indeed. In fact, I think you could say I found it to be a joke.
    Aurora77 had this to say on Oct 04, 2006 Posts: 35
    Vista Ain't that Bad, In Fact It's Good
  • Hmm. Apparently reducing visual clutter leads to abrogated articles. Your Mac is talking to you, man. It's saying, "Don't deprive me of all my GUI goodness!" You know, like "let iCab smile"? Maybe that'll teach you not to block the dock, yo!
    Aurora77 had this to say on Aug 07, 2006 Posts: 35
    Ditch the Dock and Other Visual Clutter
  • I think Microsoft has to be one of the dumbest companies since ever. Look guys, when your arch-foe goads you, you don't take his bait! Especially when it's in a completely different market that you suck at and is far away from your core strengths! That kind of resource-draining, diversion is how smaller armies defeat larger ones and how two superheroes can defeat a larger, ponderous villian. It's an obvious truth, which is why Microsoft is trying to disprove it. I'm looking for the day they decide to declare war on gravity.
    Aurora77 had this to say on Aug 02, 2006 Posts: 35
    The Bad Start Defined: Zune
  • "So double the killer delete select all!" Someone needs to get that on a shirt RIGHT NOW. It's the son of "all your base"!
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    Microsoft's Annual Meeting and Vista
  • No, Microsoft did not build a war chest by being dumb. They built it through harassment, lies, and other sundry illegal activities. Microsoft doesn't hesitate to enter markets that it knows nothing about. Can you say X-Box? I knew you could. As for browsers, Mosiac was free, and Netscape was free. IE being free was no revolution. In fact by not selling it, Microsoft made sure that no-one paid them for their work.
    Aurora77 had this to say on Jul 31, 2006 Posts: 35
    Is Microsoft Trying to Morph into Apple?
  • Look, as someone who fought through Netscape crashing all the time on Windows 3.1, and reinstalled Windows 95 probably 30 times on the same machine, I'm not too sure about the gift that Microsoft gave us. You can say that they made computing available to everyone, but they also made computers almost universially despised. Now people don't clamor to get their hands on a computer unless it's a Mac or something esoteric. Ford made cars for everyone, but even Ford diversified their line to include the Mustang, among other specialty cars. I doubt that Microsoft will be able to stare down true competition.
    Aurora77 had this to say on Jul 28, 2006 Posts: 35
    What the World Owes Microsoft
  • Don't you remember what happened the last time Apple licensed their OS? (Power Computing, StarMax, anyone else remember out there?) They nearly bought the farm. Now just to satisfy your desire you'd rather Apple went into Chapter 11. Monumental selfishness is what that is, complete with tantrums, and profane tirades at being unable to control everything you want to. Do you even understand how Apple is able to sell "the Apple experience"? Here's a hint -- it rests upon a limited number of hardware configurations, which keeps the complexity of design, maintenance, coding, and support down to manageable and cost-effective levels. Anything but what they're doing now would take the sheen off the Apple experience and reduce the quality of upcoming products, as they'd be busy putting out the fires of strange configurations everywhere. You see, Apple would have to offer some sort of support to all those configurations. The tech press would crucify them if they didn't. The whine would go up from sea to shining sea about how Apple had "betrayed their idealism" and so on. As someone who was a PC user and spent a good part of my spare time fiddlign with PCs, I'm glad that Macs have a limited number of configurations. It's simpler to keep them running. The hardware that Apple is able to create (and even third-party Apple hardware companies) kicks the living snot out of the PC folks, who sell you cheap trash. Given a choice between forever fixing my machine, as all PC tweakers do, and actually using it, I'll go with the latter every time. Grow a brain!
    Aurora77 had this to say on Jul 26, 2006 Posts: 35
    Do you want OS X with that PC?
  • People complaining about the inability to move their DRM-encoded tracks from iTunes to another player are idiots or liars. The process is easy: burn said songs to a CD, then rip them back as MP3s. As for this being a start of something new, bull. The song is DRM-free because it is customizable, and thus the whole incentive to pirate a song is reduced. You won't be thinking -- "Yeah, I heard that new song on the radio or MTV the other day; let me check Acquisition to see if it's out there yet."
    Aurora77 had this to say on Jul 25, 2006 Posts: 35
    Yahoo's DRM-Free Offering
  • I agree that the article is thought-provoking, which makes it stand out. However, it's not entirely correct. First, Google's services are voluntary. It's hard to be an overlord of anything when your subjects have to volunteer to be subjects and can quit the kingdom at any time. There's tons of folks who won't use G-Mail. Second, Google doesn't know anything about individuals as a result of its analysis. All it knows is what G-mail account does and serves up ads in reaction to that. I don't know of any uniquely identifying information that is stored upon individuals that Google uses. Third, Google's star is dimming. Look at the China search fiasco. Remember the news fiasco, where Google chooses some news sources as being more reputable than others? One of those news sources is the state-run news organ of the Chinese communist government, interestingly enough. And don't forget the whole ad topic banning thing. Also, Google doesn't have a monopoly on internet search. If they did, there wouldn't be any other search engines out there.
    Aurora77 had this to say on Jul 19, 2006 Posts: 35
    All Hail the New Marketing Overlord: Google!