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  • I think that the future of the Mac is iOS. I think Apple is going to phase out the desktop as we know it, and the pro-apps along with it. It's all going to be touch-based and you'll have to get everything through the App Store. In a lot of ways, this is the fulfillment of Jobs's life-long dream. The total user experience that Apple controls all the way down to what apps you can install. And so far, it seems to be working.
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    What Next for OS X?
  • "Remember, Apple skates to where the puck is going, not to where it is." Chris's point is that they're skating to where the puck was five years ago. Video chat is not new, neither is video phone chat. Ironically, the future is not MORE visual/voice, it's less. People LOVE texting. That's the immediate future trend. More and more texting, IM, simple short little quips on the go. Not video. That said, it's a neat feature that's free on the phone. But I agree that it's probably not going to be that utilized. The few people who use it will undoubtedly love it, but the rest will be texting.
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    FaceTime? Try Rehashed Pea Salad
  • The new hardware doesn't do a lot for me. I have the 3GS and am perfectly happy with it so far. And I get all of the iOS4 features, which is what I'm really looking forward to. Multi-tasking, which is loooooong overdue, and app folders alone are enough for me to upgrade. I wonder if Facetime will work with the existing camera on the 3GS. I don't see any reason why it shouldn't, although that hasn't stopped Apple before.
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    iPhone 4: Initial Reactions
  • There are still advantanges to a netbook and this is one of them, which is why it's silly for Jobs to treat netbooks like a competitor. Both can exist quite well in your computing ecosystem. Every time I think about opting for the iPad to replace my aging notebook, I remember that I need a device that can injest and edit my wife's VO tracks. So I could still use both an iPad and a netbook without overlapping too much functionality.
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    Can You Blog On the iPad?
  • "Taking it off the premises and selling it is a felony. Buying it is felony. Period." Not exactly. I understand that you're going to defend Apple no matter what, even Jobs shot someone down in cold blood, but it's not nearly so clear cut. If you buy a stolen car, a task force partially run by Apple does not bust down your door and seize your computers, especially AFTER you've returned the item. At best, that's horrible abuse of authority. Second, the finder DID contact Apple, who didn't ask that the phone be returned. And when Gizmodo was formally asked to return the phone, they did. Lastly, Gizmodo and Chen are protected to some degree by shield laws that protect journalists from just type of abuse of authority. But hey, it's Apple. If they do it, then by definition, it must be okay.
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    Gizmodo's iPhone Scoop: The Non-Story that Went Huge
  • My main complaints at this point is that everything other than music is bolted on. Go to your meta data for movies and it's album info. They really just need to look at how the information is arranged and organized in your library with modules dedicated to apps, music, and movies.
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    Predictions For iTunes X
  • I agree with you that it's a promising start, but the practicality of it remains to be seen. Still, credit to them for not just copying iPhone OS. I wish that Android had gone in this direction since I prefer the openness of that system. But for now, iPhone and (presumably) WM7 still have the slickness and ease of use.
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    Windows Phone 7 [The Competitors]
  • A controller app is definitely feasible, and it wouldn't take a "pro" version of the iPad. A friend of mine was thinking along the lines of a jog shuttle controller for FCP, plus a controller for Color. I wouldn't think it would be all that difficult either, whether it was tethered or over Wi-fi. As for any kind of pro-level editing, there are hurdles of course, not the least of which is storage. But I have a Mac mini that bats around HD ProRes footage without a hiccup, so we're definitely getting there in terms of lower-end hardware catching up to high-end video production.
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    What Would an iPad Pro Look Like?
  • "There's nothing wrong with that" Well, yeah, sometimes there is. Otherwise this site could have been devoted to defending any and every policy of Microsoft because, hey, the company's in it to make money and therefore anything they do, no matter how unethical or anti-competitive, is justified. Of course, that's not what happens. Microsoft is labeled a bully and monopolist (and rightfully so, btw) but when Apple does it, "there's nothing wrong with that." Apple isn't just the cool kid in the sandbox. He's the cool kid who turns out to be a douche bag, and makes you play by his rules or he's going to kick sand in your face then take his ball and go home. Yep, certainly behavior that should be defended and applauded.
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    Something to Realize about Apple's Corporate Spats
  • "Why? Because it creates vanilla applications. Vanilla apps run everywhere but do not take advantage of what is specific to the iPhone platform." I can imagine other companies with ridiculous anti-competitive practices, but I can't anyone justifying it the way the fanboys do with Apple. If Apple has a problem with crappy apps (and clearly they don't), then screen for THAT instead of the software used to create it. This is about one thing and one thing only, punishing Adobe. Apple can do that because they have a monopolistic position. That's not only anti-competitive, but it is exactly the kind of policies that Apple fanboys railed against when Microsoft did it. Now they can't defend it fast enough. I shudder to think of what would have happened if Apple had won the OS war.
  • The addition of Netflix streaming may have changed the game a little for me. It's not quite there yet, but it got a lot closer.
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    Last Year's Model: Fine for the Rest of Us
  • I agree with Steve that the iPad will not be driven by "need." Sexy consumer gadgets don't work that way. I also agree with Albert that the problem with the iPad as the long ballyhooed Mac tablet is that it isn't a Mac tablet. We expected scaled down Mac, not a bigger iPod Touch. It doesn't run OS X. It has no multi-tasking. No real inputs (without expensive add-on dongles). It has nothing that would make it very useful as a real tool for producing things. It's almost purely a consumption device. Which is fine I suppose. That's what an iPod is. And that's what this is, a big iPod Touch. But it's not a tablet the way we thought when we heard of an Apple tablet. So I won't be getting one anytime soon.
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    Last Year's Model: Fine for the Rest of Us
  • Apple's problem is not that the Apple TV is a hobby, it's that they need for it to be so locked down that it's crippled beyond any real use. It will never support Netflix streaming or Hulu or Amazon video. If you want content on the Apple TV, then you will have to buy or rent from Apple and Apple alone. Google is unencumbered by the need to be locked down in that way. That gives them an edge that few other companies can afford. The downside is that you can potentially end up with a hodge podge that isn't as easy to use. But I'll take it over the Apple vertical monopoly any day. Of course, there is also the Mac mini. While not as simple and easy to use as the Apple TV, at least it has some flexibility that the ATV doesn't, like playing Hulu and Netflix content.
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    The Future of Apple TV
  • "you could do whatever you wanted without any interference from Apple. The truth is, you still can." Great. I'll just pop over to Vimeo and watch my videos using Flash....oh wait. I can't. Because APPLE won't let me install Flash on my iPhone. I think it's about control, but it doesn't really matter at the end of the day. You're "blissfully" defending a vertical monopoly and its monopolistic practices. I remember when such practices use to outrage the Apple fanboys. But unsurprisingly, they find a way to excuse it away when Apple does it.
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    The App Store Isn't about Control
  • I love that Apple's entry into the market with a competing product has resulted in HIGHER ebook prices all around. Thank you, Apple.