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  • Happy Birthday Apple Matters. Hadley, Thanks for letting me be a part of it.
    BigMac had this to say on Dec 10, 2007 Posts: 5
    Apple Matters Five Years Later
  • I fail to see how these 2 commercials relate to each other besides the fact that they both talk about something tech based and there are 2 different things talking. It seems like you just like the PSP commercial and found a way to associate it somehow to Apple. I dunno, maybe I'm missing something. The current Mac ads are facing a very different selling proposition than the PSP. They have a much more challenging story to tell. Converting current Window users to Mac. The PSP ad is selling a new feature on an existing product. I know you acknowledge they are different products but "competing for airtime"? Of course, they will compete for airtime. But they will also compete with ads for more titilating things as well (like the Victoria's Secret Runway Show) Do I find both commercial effective? Sure. But if you are going to compare the 2 you really need to find a PSP commercial that directly compares itself to a Nintendo DS or an Apple commercial that announces a specific feature in OSX.
    BigMac had this to say on Dec 19, 2006 Posts: 5
    Mac Ads Are Under Threat
  • If anyone is interested, I wrote a review of ToySight here at AppleMatters. You can view the review here:
    BigMac had this to say on Nov 30, 2006 Posts: 5
    Should Apple Do a Wii?
  • As much as I want to, I simply cannot sign this pledge. I want to dual boot for the same reason why I try to use the browser on my PSP—because it can be done. I want to dual boot because I want to finally be able to buy the cheap computer games in the aisles of Office Max. I want to dual boot because I now can.
    BigMac had this to say on Apr 07, 2006 Posts: 5
    Take the No Windows-Booting Pledge
  • I would buy one for sure. But not now. I will buy one 3 years from now for the same reasons why I am still buying G3s and PPC604s: they are Macs and teher's always some random music server/game server/jukebox project I could come up with.
    BigMac had this to say on Oct 21, 2005 Posts: 5
    Don't Buy A Quad G5