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  • Dec 22, 2007
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  • Are your out of your freaking mind??? The very first thing the Zune did to loyal Microsoft customers when it was first introduced was to SCREW everyone they'd suckered into buying music with their "playsforsure" DRM!! And now your praising them because they came up with a freaking firmware update. Yeah when the change to your product is evolutionary and not revolutionary, you can do that sort of thing. The firmware for the iPod touch will _never_ run on an older iPod. THE mp3 player for this year is the iPod Touch. Watch the numbers for the Christmas season. The touch will mop the floor with the Zune. Don't ever try to tell me that a player introduced from a manufacturer was to royally screw their initial customers has anything even resembling customer service. Cry and bitch all you want about the calendar feature on the touch, but with respect to the Zune vs. the iPod I have to ask where's the Wifi store for buying songs on the Zune?? That's a pretty blatant missing feature right there. I don't know why I bother responding to some of these stories. You should just rename your site - Trolling Apple Users Matters....
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    Why The Zune Will Outdo The iPod
  • My gooodness people. So the iPod touch doesn't have a freakin calendar. Its not the end of the world. I mean it would be nice, but really its digital music/video player first. An none of this, not a damn thing anyone here has said has changed my mind. I want an iPod touch real bad. This lineup is not that confusing. I contend that this lineup basically has at least one product that _every_ consumer could be happy with. Heck I'm even tempted to buy a touch _and_ a nano. You could use each of them in different circumstances. Choice is a good thing. I'm sorry Apple has made people think about which iPod they want....
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    The New iPods are Confusing
  • Decided to visit your site today and had this errie bad feeling that there would be a column on "Apple Matters" telling me how the iPhone has all these flaws. And true enough, it has some, but darn it if I can remember the last time I've visited Apple Matters and seen much for positive stories about Apple. Whats up with all this?
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    Before You Buy the iPhone...
  • Beeblbrox, I have to agree with you Dvorak isn't just an Apple idiot, hes and idiot about all things in the tech industry. Actually when clicking on the more link I was certain he would be on the list, along with Enderle. But again Enderle is an equal opportunity ass and I actually hate him more for some of his bought and paid for quotes about Linux more than his bought and paid for quotes about Apple. All in all, this was a great article.
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    Four Apple Pundits You Should Never Read
  • In you list of things Apple need to do you list: - Having a superior OS to Vista when it comes out. and then you list - Allowing Windows to run on Macs (Already Done) of course the superior os is already done as well. I can envision no way that Vista will surpass the current OS X, in its current state (with so many features already pulled and more probably to come) it has no chance of even catching OS X.
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    Can Apple Cut a Swathe Through the Home PC Market?
  • Good thing I don't use office on my iMac....
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    Microsoft Provides Easy OS X Security Hack
  • Yes, I am serious. For someone to beat iTunes, their prices will need to actaully be lower per song. Same just isn't going to cut it. There would be no incentive to switch. But somehow the recording industry thinks that an online music store with the same or higher prices, more restrictive DRM and incompatibility with the iPod actually has a chance of competing against iTunes. The music industry is utterly, completely, and totally STUPID. They are beaten. They cannot beat iTunes with URGE or any other service until they are better on price AND with less DRM than iTunes.
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    Microsoft and MTV Gang Up on Apple's iTunes and iPods
  • I know I shouldn't put this out there because someone could really take my advice and actually beat iTunes, but here goes.... The key to beating iTunes is ... lower prices, fewer DRM restrictions. With these things you would take away iTunes dominance at an alarming rate. Note: working with the iPod is required too, but if you were to sell mp3's, you'd be compatible with iPod automatically. Of course that would require the people who want to compete with iTunes to not act like brain damaged morons.
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    Microsoft and MTV Gang Up on Apple's iTunes and iPods
  • I've got to agree with this. After putting an extra 1GB in my iMac, it went from random annoying pauses to blowing the doors off. Its an astounding difference.