• May 23, 2008
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  • The Apple Cube is another issue: WSJ curmudgeon Walt Mossberg describing it as "simply the most gorgeous personal computer I've ever seen or used". Jobs called these models "the ultimate desktop video machine." Inside MacGames: "It is possible Apple created another design revolution with the Cube" MACWORLD: "Even with only 64MB of RAM, the Cube is the stablest Mac I've seen in years. I squeezed as much as I could into that 64MB and proceeded to do things that would have choked an older G4 tower. The Cube I tested was rock solid." I bought one and soone found how unreliable it was despite the comments in the media. Great concept but poor engineering at the expense of the consumer (yours truly).
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    The Worst Apple Predictions Through the Ages
  • Your comment "Now, however, I’m only left wondering whether Apple’s sole emphasis these days lies on withholding functionality from its users on all its products to try and rake in as much moolah as possible, with utter disregard for the criticism heaped upon them" is 100% correct. Apple is loosing the innovation edge with their current product. This may be the end of the beginning for Apple in the Mac world. In my view, they need to step back and look at their customer's percpetions especially in this economy. Without it, the desktop business will fade, leaving Apple with the Mac Mini and Mac Pro. The same may happen leaving only the MacBook Pro. Most of their engineering seems to have gone elsewhere. Not all great ideas come from Steve Jobs.
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    Taking Stock of the MacBook Updates
  • Interesting article although it overlooks the fact most of us have houses (not me right now) and cars larger than we need. The Mac Mini does almost everything one needs fairly inexpensively. It does lack the graphics and memory for high level stuff. The point of the article though is correct.
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    How Much are You Spending on Mac Pretension?