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  • Proofreading would seem to be a good idea. As for the article, just stating the fact that it happened is not sufficient. Stating it badly is worse. How about editing! Is there an editor in the house?
    DanRobinson had this to say on Aug 22, 2009 Posts: 9
    August 21, 1998: Quark Attempts Takeover of Adobe
  • I read all five and don't see a single point that's defensible. (I also don't see a reason to waste my time educating him.) Basicly, his point is: "Apple is bad because its proprietary iPhone is designed to work with Apple's proprietary interface (iTunes). What makes that bad? well, for one thing Apple doesn't publish its info that would allow competitors to use the iPhone and iTunes with their stuff." In other words, the barbarians are at the gate and they are complaining because it's locked.
    DanRobinson had this to say on Aug 10, 2009 Posts: 9
    Jason Calacanis is Wrong: Part 1 of 5
  • It sure brought ME back from obscurity! What? You've STILL never heard of me?
    DanRobinson had this to say on Jul 17, 2009 Posts: 9
    July 15, 1985: Aldus PageMaker Completed!
  • I think when you're trying to convert someone, you don't want to call them dumb. The PC character is portrayed as not being stupid . . . just up against the vagaries of the PC/Windows platform.
    DanRobinson had this to say on May 13, 2009 Posts: 9
    Why is Apple Letting the PC Guy Be My Hero?
  • Beeblebrox, we may have the making of a deal here. I'll be in line to get my new one. --Dan
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    What to Do With Your First Generation iPhone?
  • Good advice, Xwired. I'll be upgrading my HDs from 300 to 500 gigs at that time, so it will be a no-brainer to use CCC or Super Duper to migrate all my stuff to the bigger drives and then save the 300s in the cabinet as backup . . . . . . just in case. --Knotty
    DanRobinson had this to say on Jan 22, 2007 Posts: 9
    AAM: Migrating to Tiger. A Chore?
  • I want one and they won't let me buy one. (stomps foot)
    DanRobinson had this to say on Jan 10, 2007 Posts: 9
    What Do You Think of the iPhone?
  • I consider the new iMac line would have been a great candidate for the event, but Apple has chosen to announce this week instead. Can we not assume that something better than that is coming? --Knotty
  • In Charlotte, NC, the Apple Store is the highest grossing store in Charlotte's biggest upscale mall. (Including Nordstroms) This is the "small" store model. Not even a theater setup to hold a class. --Dan