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  • It goes even further than that. With social networking and the like all you have to do is be the goof at the party that everyone is snapping pictures of and abrakafacebook *poof* you are on the internet and don't even know it. You can be a careful as you want to be about what goes on your site but you have no control over what others may put up about you. So even being an internet hermit doesn't ensure anonymity. People are too self-centered to stay quiet and whine, why me when they get bit. Here's my question, if people are still complete idiots with all this information thrown at them, what is going to be like if the caution is thrown to the wind?
  • Only reason I can think of is to stir the pot. Attempting to address those standing on the irrational or, at least, unrealistic side of the debate is exactly that, irrational. In this case the apple core which only requires "Vs. PC" to begin, the details are irrelevant. My opinion is to facilitate the expected response. Neener neener :P
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    Are Macs More Expensive?
  • I am not on board with that line of thinking yet. I know you think I am but here is where I am coming from. I think you can make that case but it's a wait and see to me. We know that windows has had its problems and we know what has happened because anyone paying attention has seen it. Yes, I absolutely believe that there is a lot of user ignorance and bad habits but that's not all of it. And while Apple has seen a substantial market share increase over the past few years, I don't believe that we have seen the same in increases in malware threat. I am making no more assumption in there than you are but I do know for sure that we have a front row seat to see what will happen.
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    You Mac's Got a Trojan? Ha, Ha!
  • I have to strongly disagree with you Harvey. I have spent many years supporting both platforms and, in general, the average user is the same regardless of platform. My argument has always been that Apple does a better job, out of the box, of taking care of these users. Those kinds of reckless comments are as silly as some of the koolaid drinking apple zelot comments from the other side and distract from any real conversation.
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    You Mac's Got a Trojan? Ha, Ha!
  • Well, I don't entirely agree with you two. Anyone in support or that has been in support, with any common sense, knows that user error makes up the majority of issues. Most of that is based on ignorance of how stuff works in general or in relation to other things. In other words, most users have no idea how to even begin to analyze a computer problem and most don't want to know. So if the computer stops working it's the computers fault. When there are problems, regardless of the platform, they adopt a " This computer is crap " attitude. So ya, like you Beeb, I have very few problems on windows or mac. I use both platforms every single day. There are no problems I cannot fix myself but I am not the average user. Like I said before it doesn't matter at all what platform I use because I will make it work for me. Out of the box I still believe that mac is better suited for that average user that still believes that that pop up will really save them money or win them a prize. That chain letters really do bring them luck or save them form being jinxed. That the internet "comes" with the computer and lets not forget one of my favorites 'oh , you have to empty the trash?' IMHO these users are the majority and should be the consideration when talking these kinds of things out. It's not realistic to base it on the much smaller percentage of somewhat proficient users.
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    OS X Goes Mainstream, Adds Malware
  • MSI Wind Dell Inspiron Mini 9 A quick search found blogs that have already accomplished this with the above 2 machines. Do the search, read the directions, DONE.
  • Yes, when you are ready to get your money out, hopefully at a time when it is up. If you were in it for the short term, you bought several thousand shares and want to make a few dollars a share. Or you need to get your money out before the company folds so you can salvage some of your investment. Pretty much the same as any other investment, any other silly questions? :)
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    Steve Jobs' (and Apple's) Biggest Mistake
  • I don't think that addresses the whole problem. I agree that there is a lot of crap on the store and that raising the minimum price would get rid of some of it, possibly even iFart. However, I don't see iFart as the biggest problem. My interpretation of the situation is that shoddy, less featured versions of useful software are the actual problem. I am not convinced that the same solution would get rid of those, possibly only cost us more to find out that a piece of software is actually a piece of crap. Personally I don't download tons of apps, 12 currently ( I just looked). I have a few games and a few utilities but generally speaking, I try to keep a crap free life as much as possible. If it doesn't have a use then I get rid of it. I would pay almost any price for a utility that helps me save time or consolidate tasks but if that app were an iPhone app and the cost were similar to something I have on my laptop, doesn't get bought. For instance Keynote remote is .99, SOLD. Keynote remote 4.99...... I have a remote that came with my laptop, in my bag already. I think Apple understands this and that is the reason for the price point. There needs to be a better way to review these apps and competition will take care of the rest. James and Chris, I will lay it at your feet. Call it, App or Crapp, unbiased, contextual feature reviews of all apps. Viola! Problem solved. :)
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    Further Thoughts On Raising Prices
  • It is what it is, you will be able to afford it or you won't. In a recession or any other time being fiscally responsible really has nothing to do with Apple's price point, it's relative to your situation. Apple has their own responsibilities and I expect they they will continue to charge what the market allows. As long as they are selling machines I doubt you will see any significant change. I am disqualifying an adjustment based on the economy, like the recession, it won't last. It's hard to make an argument and expect any real change when they continue to post such strong numbers. Aside from that, James, I hear ya bro. For me is is purely value vs. cost or value that offsets the extra cost anyway. Outside of work I don't do anything that I could do any better on a mac, so I don't. I own several mac products, none of which I use. I can use anything and I can fix my own problems, the average user can't or won't and there is where I find the value. My wife and daughters are not going to search for patches and/or drivers to make something work right. They don't stay in the loop with the latest virus, adware, and malware etc.. Even running protection, they won't remember to keep the subscription updated. They won't research a work around or roll backs. They are the average user. So I can take care of that myself, and I have in the past. Sometimes arguing or blaming, generally not being patient enough or I can spend an extra 500 bucks and rarely have any of those problems. On top of that add in the integrated iapps, they love and use all the time. Something else I didn't have to go out buy , install, make work and teach them how to use. For me, well worth the extra cost.
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    How Will Apple Handle a Recession?
  • What I would like to see, once the text book companies catch up with the rest of the world, is a sturdy device that would take the place of the 75lbs of books that students have to carry around with them. Ideally a player or reader on the laptop they already carry. If that doesn't work, then okay, a separate device. One separate device to replace the books. Might I suggest iTunes for distribution. It's not rocket science, git er done.
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    The Amazon/Apple iBook
  • Any of you that have an Air already know what's coming, system restore utility over Ethernet. Bank. I was a little let down though, especially over the loss of target disk mode. I use target disk almost everyday, but I am not going to complain too much until I really know what I have lost if anything. Firewire isn't going away, firewire over cat5 will more than likely the replacement. I am not going to bank that one yet but it is getting a hard look. I wouldn't work myself into too much of a frenzy until the results are in.
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    Firewire, We Will Miss You