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  • "To often in the Mac community we take ourselves way to seriously" Hadley, if you're talking about something being more than necessary it's spelt "too"— "too often," "too seriously." Same goes if you're adding something on top: "my friend decided to come too." I don't mean it to be a criticism of your writing abilities because I think the rest is splendid! I'm sure you just wrote the post so fast you didn't notice. :)
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    Sincere Apologies
  • I know there are plenty of open source and freeware apps that will suit your needs, alcofribas. Don't look at the high-end expensive programs, search google for Best Open Source WYSIWYG OS X — you might even find the best solution is a web app (in the sense that you use it through your browser.)
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    iWeb Review
  • Christmas, 2004. My cat kicked a can of cola right onto my PowerBook and the coke chugged neatly into the keyboard. I turned the laptop upside down to let the cola drain straight out of the keyboard (bypassing the insides) and then immediately set to work taking it to pieces. I got some circuit board cleaner (a special dirt-removal spray that is non-conductive) and used it to thoroughly clean all the components, then set it to dry - lather, rinse, repeat. I cannot believe how lucky I was that there was no permanent damage to the logic board. I think either Apple designed their notebooks with amazing foresight, or we both got extremely lucky, Tanner.
  • I never really found those PSP commercials funny. I find the humor a bit… well, it's like watching two geeks -who think they're funny- talking in a café. Whereas with the Apple ads, I believe I've laughed out loud on some of them. The humor is more thought-out. But one point you make is totally right: the Apple commercials are under threat in the UK against these PSP ones, because the PSP ads are shown whereas the Apple ones are not. Come on, Apple. The market share is growing in the USA, and you're showing ads over there. Watch the correlation! Watch it!
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    Mac Ads Are Under Threat
  • Ah, Ulrika, it is a useless key, but I'd be upset if Apple removed it, out of my personal selfishness :) I download butler (free app) and map that key as my 'iTunes key'; It allows me to pause and unpause iTunes playback without having to open iTunes itself. It's so great that my sister requested I did that for her iBook when she got one for her birthday! Of course, I definitely agree that Apple should allow it to be user-mappable from the OS. I'm just suggesting it via the feedback page now: :D
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    Apple's One Button MacBook Pro Mistake
  • The first time I even considered an iMac was the G5 design.
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    Is Apple Getting Complacent?
  • "Little things like labels, FontBook, and a more consistent windowing environment were all welcome in Tiger." Heh, you mean Panther, right? (=
  • BigW said: "The key to beating iTunes is ... lower prices..." Are you being serious?? LOWER than $0.99?? You can't go much lower without making it pointless.
  • I noticed that too, Chris H. How there is a high premium on having black. It appears it costs Apple more to produce it in black - probably because it's the first computer they've ever made in [this type of] black. I guess they're testing the water with the black color to see how it goes before they start mass-producing black components to bring the price-level in with white. In the mean time it seems they're trying to hide the 'black tax' (ouch that sounds really racist! Haha) with a larger HDD.
  • Ben, are you bored? I have just the thing!: + =D
  • Ben! WTF are you doing? I'm getting email after email from Applematters saying: "Ben Hall has just bumped another old article from last week - do ya wanna go see what he did??"
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    Why Vista will be GREAT!
  • I think you're right actually... it's likely not possible to have a new killer app. But what about a killer hardware+software innovation (A la Nintendo)? I think that's where it's gonna happen. There are endless hardware/software combos that Apple could pull off, whereby leaping way ahead of Microsoft, where it would take years to implement a new OS capable of this new killer technology, let alone to begin considering making it a standard feature on hardware. After all... This is what Apple have been doing all along....
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    Is Apple Getting Complacent?
  • It's not easy =S I'm craving to go to MacRumors, with all this talk in here, now... only for a quick peek at the top article.. I won't even read the details =S Honest... No, Luke... the force is strong in this one. You can do it!
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    The Curse of the Apple Rumor Mill
  • Dammit, where's Beeblebrox!? :D
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    Is Apple Getting Complacent?
  • Hehe, nicely put on that last line, Chris. "Even the Wii’s new controller may not prove to be a killer." - I disagree. If the definition is to get someone to buy the computer just for a single feature, the Wii has won me over. I will be buying one simply because of the innovative controller, when I would've have pegged myself as a defo on the Xbox 360. So there we have it.
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    Is Apple Getting Complacent?