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  • Apr 04, 2006
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  • DVR wouldn't play nice with a movie/TVseries store in my world.
    Emil had this to say on Mar 23, 2006 Posts: 10
    Apple in 2006
  • Tivo wouldn't do much good here in Sweden, the show air months after they do in the US. To us, releasegroups and direct connect is the way to fly, atleast until Apple realizes that there are people outside of the US who wants TVshows.
  • Even if the price is low enough for everyone to make an iPod, Apple will still maintain its lead due to brand awareness and first to market. As so many people have pointed out, in order to beat the iPod you actually have to beat it, not just match it's features and then slap a lousy interface on it. Personaly I'm pretty tired of the iPod fiz, to me Apple is a computer company that happens to make iPods, not the other way around that seems to be the wallstreet view.
    Emil had this to say on Mar 05, 2006 Posts: 10
    How Much Cheaper Is the iPod Going to Get?
  • A system for delivering wireless images and audio to your TV, preferably in HD, would be friggin sweet :)
    Emil had this to say on Feb 23, 2006 Posts: 10
    Predict The Next Big Thing And Win An iPod Nano
  • Haven't we been waiting for too long for Apple to advertise OS X? They blew it, they had a good chance of snatching up some win-users but nooo! I still don't understand why they don't advertise.
    Emil had this to say on Feb 22, 2006 Posts: 10
    Year Of The Mac?
  • The only thing i lack on my Mac is games. Yeah yeah I know the people who only use mac say; who plays games anyway? Apparently some: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/chronicle/archive/2004/12/18/MNGUOAE36I1.DTL I look forward to dualbooting to windows for the games. Yes, I will disable the network card when in windows :)
    Emil had this to say on Feb 09, 2006 Posts: 10
    The Best Software Selection Is on the Mac
  • Q: why would they name the powerbook version MacBook *Pro* if the regular one isn't to be named just MacBook? It doesn't make sense. The iBook will be named MacBook.
    Emil had this to say on Jan 16, 2006 Posts: 10
    Possible New Product Names
  • ooo quad dual-core would certainly be nice :) (but realistic?) Dell and MS will probably be the fools on april 1st!
    Emil had this to say on Jan 11, 2006 Posts: 10
    Lackluster Performance At The Keynote
  • I'll be reading about Jobs' keynote and ignored Gates' because Apple delivers high quality revolutionary products while MS at best knocks off a crappy copy of everyone else's. Apple's got the mojo and there is nothing MS can do to compete, sadly enough (after all, competetion is good for us consumers).
    Emil had this to say on Jan 10, 2006 Posts: 10
    Steve's Next Trick
  • I don't feel disapointed. On the contrary, I feel we have been spoiled by new stuff lately. I will wait for an intelbased mac for my next computer for two reasons: i)I have a one-year-old 15" 1.5GHz powerbook that works wonderfully. ii)I want to play games on my computer, something I really miss since moving from Windows (yes, the ONLY thing I miss ;) ) my two "öre" (we don't have euro yet)
    Emil had this to say on Oct 20, 2005 Posts: 10
    Mac Laptop Market Share Poised to Spike?