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  • Feb 15, 2008
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  • I really have to question the validity of this article. No one I know in software development, nor any Mac users I know would agree with the statement in the first myth. Now I'd imagine there's many Windows users, especially young zealots, who might claim that Apple is claiming to have the one true HIG, but they are hardly people to be listening to on matters of Macs. So Apple wrote Apple's HIG. BIG SURPRISE! There's a significant difference between the HIG and the Microsoft Linux TCO study, and that is this: Apple's monetary stake is only indirect, and if the number of Mac software developers were greater, there wouldn't be any monetary stake at all for Apple to encourage the HIG as much as it does. Also, Myth #2 is simply paraphrasing Myth #1, and since Myth #1 doesn't actually exist... On the footnote: What a completely useless statement. The author completely fails to analyze WHY Apple wanted the one-button mouse in the first place. Could it possibly be that there's a scientific or psychological rationale behind it? Here's a hint: it wasn't arbitrary, and, AFAIK, Apple has never, or maybe only during the "monitor and keyboard sold separately" era, made any money on one-button mice. The original plan for the Macintosh was a three-button mouse. Why didn't Apple keep that? To compare it to the Microsoft Linux TCO study is asinine. I'll admit there are some Mac zealots who likely haven't read the HIG, but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.
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    Human Interface Guidelines: The Mac Zealots' Con?