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  • No, I think the date is correct, it just needs two commas. "Apple’s second foray into flat panel monitors began, 14 years after their first attempt, on March 17, 1998."
    Graham had this to say on Mar 17, 2008 Posts: 24
    March 17, 1998: Say, Is That an Apple Flat Panel?
  • iCamera does not fit with apple. Lenses can only get so small, and we are there (it is a physics thing). Lenses limit the degree that apple could re-design. Apple does well when it combines hardware and software, I don't see where it could enhance the software. I am very happy with my current camera, before the ipod I was very unhappy with my mp3 player. Hugmup's idea is very good so good apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was the first to make one in 1985. His company cloud nine made the product, but it failed to catch on and it went out of business.
    Graham had this to say on Mar 14, 2008 Posts: 24
    What Should Apple's Next Product Be?
  • There is a lot of online video content that the iphone cannot view or stream. A similar application to the youtube one to view other online videos would be great.
    Graham had this to say on Mar 12, 2008 Posts: 24
    User Poll: What Do You Want from the iPhone SDK?
  • Being able to read and write documents documents would make me buy one (including, freeing up the Bluetooth to accept a portable keyboard). University notes on my phone would be great. Ability to use as a file storage unit (I don't think this can be done yet), sync the most important documents on my laptop onto my iphone (just in case). Again mostly a bluetooth firmware upgrade. Language translation tools, in particular Russian-English English-Russian. Voice recorder and minimal editing tools.
    Graham had this to say on Mar 11, 2008 Posts: 24
    User Poll: What Do You Want from the iPhone SDK?
  • Slight correction UK does not have the highest % use and ownership anymore some of our European neighbors have taken that title but mobile phone use is significantly higher than in the US.
    Graham had this to say on Dec 01, 2007 Posts: 24
    The Wireless Showdown of 2008
  • The US mobile communications industry is way behind the rest of the world. I was shocked last year while living in the US how far behind they were. I had expected the US to offer a much more forward thinking and modern industry than here in the UK. The Pricing model for calls is archaic, to have to pay to receive a call is outrageous. The UK had that model back in the 80s but dropped it as it was unpopular and it is a disincentive to sign up for phones. The US networks are much slower than our phones. In the UK we use what we call 3G communication when the US still only uses 2G. This has resulted in the iPhone only using 2G giving it slower web access than its equivalent Nokia or LG (or even much more basic phones). US Phones were at least 6 months behind the UK this is the FCC's fault slowing down release. To add to that the phones are locked to networks (Over 99% of UK phones can be used on any network). The iPhone is a shock to people here that they cannot use it on other networks. The biggest shock to me in the US cell phone market was you always needed to buy the phone when you take out a contract. Mostly (in the UK) people get free upgrades on their phones when they continue their contract and huge discounts or free phones when they start a contract. All these differences in the UK market add up to make the highest percentage mobile phone ownership and percentage use of mobile phones than any country in the world. The US communications industry is behind the times. Modernisation, liberalisation, price reductions will lead to expanded markets and higher profits.
    Graham had this to say on Dec 01, 2007 Posts: 24
    The Wireless Showdown of 2008
  • “Looking at the specs it is hard to say what the attraction was over the original incarnation of the Apple II...a little better and Basic (a version developed by Microsoft)” Wasn't the improvement being able to do floating-point calculations? Allowing users to do much bigger calculations. The first apple IIs could only handle numbers from -32,768 to 32,787.*1 The Microsoft basic could handle much bigger numbers. *1 Wosniak, S. "iWoz", headline publications, 2006.
    Graham had this to say on Jun 01, 2007 Posts: 24
    June 1, 1979: Apple Introduces Apple II+
  • I think the idea is very interesting and does have potential to be 'the next big thing in computing' however a lot of it will depend on how the technology is delivered and how revolutionary the interface will be. If the touch screen is just simply to replace the mouse and keyboard it will fail. However if a new way of visualising the computing experience is made that goes along with it, then this could be the next big jump.
    Graham had this to say on May 31, 2007 Posts: 24
    Microsoft Challenging Apple's Multi-touch
  • Did you just copy the whole page from last year including my comment? Fair enough it is just funny seeing my own comment from a year ago on today’s “this day…”
    Graham had this to say on May 31, 2007 Posts: 24
    May 31, 1985: Steve Jobs is Ousted
  • If he dismissed the video iPod maybe they are working on an iPod that will toast bagels and refrigerate?
  • "Apple... would be well placed to take Microsoft’s place" I think that Google would be in the stronger place than Apple. Google has bought up so much of the programming talent they have a much stronger position to go after an empty software market.
    Graham had this to say on Apr 26, 2007 Posts: 24
    Who Wins if Microsoft Dies
  • I thought I was still young at 22 so it is so strange to hear you say that Windows 95 was the first operating system you used. I had to put up with DOS, Windows 3.1, and Windows 3.11 before I got a taste of Windows 95. My school also got the first iMacs but we also had Macintoshs before them.
    Graham had this to say on Feb 16, 2007 Posts: 24
    My Old iMac
  • I think the point was they were both funny.
    Graham had this to say on Dec 19, 2006 Posts: 24
    Mac Ads Are Under Threat
  • Ok in electronics it is off the top 25. In mp3 players black zune is at 13 but has 10 iPods in front of it, Brown Zune is at 25 but with 6 iPods between black and brown, and the white Zune is nowhere to be seen.
    Graham had this to say on Nov 19, 2006 Posts: 24
    Zune Update!
  • It is safe to say that initial sales of the Zune are not good, and its damage to iPod sales inconsequential. There are eight models of the iPod currently outselling the Zunes. Zune is off the top 25 list. The Zune is not even selling as well as the iPod shuffle costing $27 more from than from the apple store! If the Zune is loosing in sales against an over priced product in its first week, it is safe to say it is suffering from bad sales.
    Graham had this to say on Nov 19, 2006 Posts: 24
    Zune Update!