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  • Couldn't have said it better. I love this article. I love my Macs. I love my iPhone. I love my Apple stock. I can forgive their policy on soldered in batteries in iPods, iPhones, and MBAs. But I don't like this trend of Apple closing the door on third-party competition.
    Gregory Ng had this to say on Sep 25, 2008 Posts: 54
    Apple Rejecting Apps Doesn't Matter
  • Yeah but he also said the FM Tuner was available now, and my order (placed the very next day) says shipping February 9th.
    Gregory Ng had this to say on Jan 14, 2006 Posts: 54
    MacBook Pro Shipping on February 15?
  • Whoah people! Maybe I should have spent some time on the things I DID like. Yes, I was psyched for the MacBook Pro. I have been waiting to upgrade my PB for 3 years now. Finally I can and yes, I can't wait to get that stunning display. Yes, I am very excited to the improvements to the iLife apps. Especially the Garageband/podcasting features as well as the animated themes in iMovie. Yes, I am psyched at the sales of iTunes songs, iPods, and the fact that the entire line will be Intel by the end of 2006. But…I was commenting that Steve (sick or not) did not have the raving lunatics of Mac enthusiasts (myself included) dripping with saliva like we did last year. The mass frenzy to make it to the Exhibit Hall right after was NOT there. Simply because (I'm guessing) there was no new form factor to gawk at or pick up. It was just, the speed factor to experience. There was no new (smaller) or (enhanced featured) iPod to rush out to buy. This was a very pivotal Keynote in the history of Apple and the march towards a huge relationship with Intel. It just was different.
    Gregory Ng had this to say on Jan 11, 2006 Posts: 54
    Lackluster Performance At The Keynote
  • Etymotic has now released these in black and not only do they look great in black but they sound just as good. So if you are an owner of a black Nano, black video iPod or heck, a U2 Special Edition, these will be sure to please your ears and you eyes.
  • Indeed, Crumpler bags are top notch. However Crumpler did not send a bag to be reviewed.
    Gregory Ng had this to say on Dec 09, 2005 Posts: 54
    6 Great Bags for Your iBook or Powerbook
  • I guess I was not too clear with my Version Tracker comment. I was just so upset with the poor showing at MacWorld that i didn't proofread my post! Version Tracker is great. But Version Tracker also covers updates for PCs as well as Mac. My point is that when one of the 3 most recognizable names at the exhibit hall isn't even a Mac only vendor, we have problems. I applaud Version Tracker for being there.
    Gregory Ng had this to say on Jul 13, 2005 Posts: 54
    MacWorld Boston is a Joke (And I'm not laughing)
  • That's just it. I'm not sure any of the features will save me time. I was functioning just fine before Tiger came out. What is it about Tiger that will really affect my efficiency? Or is this a case of Apple's marketing machine making us all think we need it?
    Gregory Ng had this to say on May 11, 2005 Posts: 54
    Tiger: Want Vs. Need
  • Ben, I have not tried Sidenote. I will download and post my opinion on this thread. I encourage you to try iClip and do the same.
    Gregory Ng had this to say on Apr 18, 2005 Posts: 54
    Finally What You Have Always Wanted
  • DF, Point taken. But although 3% marketshare is accurate over the home computing market, the real percentage at stake here is the 75% or higher marketshare that iPods carry in the portable digital music player category. You can't simply associate 5 million people with 4 stores. Each type of store creates bigger impact and carry more weight in the space than others. The Apple Store is one such store. For instance, if there were 2 IKEAs in the Boston area, that too would be oversaturated. But 2 Starbucks within the city would simply be too little.
    Gregory Ng had this to say on Apr 02, 2005 Posts: 54
    Apple and the Disney Store Effect
  • Thanks for the comments. Apparently my memory is not as good as i thought it was. Yes, I did have a beige 233mhx G3 Tower but I was mistaken when I said I ran OS 7.5 on it. I in fact, ran 7.5 on my PowerMac 8500. The bottom line is I'm stuck with Quark partially because of my work situation and mostly because of the printers that I work with. I have InDesign on my personal machine and I am competent with it. But until I am forced to use it, I won't. Thanks to Aeron SwayV. His comment communicated the very thing i set out to discuss, "As for the OS itself, yeah, there is something to miss about the sheer productivity, simplicity and speed I enjoyed using OS 7 thru 9."
    Gregory Ng had this to say on Mar 27, 2005 Posts: 54
    Mac OS 7.5: Better than Tiger Will Ever Be
  • There is no question InDesign is making inroads with the design community but most professional printers will tell you, they would rather receive Quark files in production. In fact, one of my printers told me when they receive InDesign documents, they convert them to Quark XPress before the mechanical process. Quark XPress still provides superior control typographically and in its handling of color separation and trapping. Despite the headaches, I will continue to favor Quark as long as printers do.
    Gregory Ng had this to say on Mar 25, 2005 Posts: 54
    Mac OS 7.5: Better than Tiger Will Ever Be
  • I would consider the 30GB Photo if I wasn't too consumed with buying the biggest bang for my buck. When I bought my 2G 20GB, it was the best I could possibly get. And it at least gave me the comfort in knowing I bought the model furthest away from being outdated. That would be my thinking with the 60GB. If I spend $400, why not just spend $449 and be current for 6 months longer?
    Gregory Ng had this to say on Mar 18, 2005 Posts: 54
    A Fixed One or a New One? Buying Your Second iPod
  • Unfortunately, my commute is by foot and train so no power source to use. I could of course use that Solar-powered contraption everyone is talking about… Smart playlists are an added benefit of buying a new iPod. And the silever mini is the least girly. But it's still girly ;)
    Gregory Ng had this to say on Mar 18, 2005 Posts: 54
    A Fixed One or a New One? Buying Your Second iPod
  • Vortigern, For your information, when purchasing songs from the ITMS, the songs are saved in iTunes. Therefore my point about iTunes' capabilities is not irrevalent. And according to the ITMS Terms and conditions: Usage Rules. "You shall be entitled to export, burn or copy Products solely for personal, noncommercial use." To me, that sounds like you can burn it to a cd. In fact, as an actual user of iTunes and a customer of the ITMS, I can tell you with absolute certainty that you can burn these songs to a cd. I have no confusions whatsoever between the ITMS and the iPod. What i am confused with is why you don't try out the ITMS before writing false information about it.
    Gregory Ng had this to say on Mar 03, 2005 Posts: 54
    Milking iTunes for Every Penny
  • Hopefully this will clear up some confusion. iTunes and the iPod will play MP3s and MP4s. The iTunes Music Store will sell you music in MP4 format. I don't really see why you would still want to use MP3 however: unless of course you are listening to your music on a device other than the iPod. (if you are, my apologies: you really should get an iPod) But if you must have your music as an MP3, you can simply burn it to an audio cd and rip the cd as an MP3.
    Gregory Ng had this to say on Mar 03, 2005 Posts: 54
    Milking iTunes for Every Penny