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  • Mar 15, 2009
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  • "Every since Realmac Software" Ever since Realmac Software "it was going to a problem solver" it was going to be a problem solver "scattered all over you desktop" scattered all over your desktop "so they could re-used for different purposes" so they could be re-used for different purposes The standard of writing on this site has slipped immensely.
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    LittleSnapper Is a Problem Solver
  • PuckOTG22 "First, Dell does sell printers. They make their own printers. http://www.dell.com/printers will take you there. They make lasers and inkjets." Dell may sell printers but they do not make them, they are merely re-branded from other manufacturers! "Second - they do Sell peripherals. In fact, tons of them. I actually bought my Nikon D40 from them a few months back. And they have Dell brand peripherals as well. Like, Docking stations, bluetooth keyboards and mice, monitors, wireless adapters, etc." Again, Dell don't make the Nikon D40. Also, all those dell branded products aren't going to be much good if they have no computers to run them on Best case scenario they turn into logitech
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    Dell Should Buy Fedora To Ensure Relevancy In Future
  • Gil, You said "If these were all new apps for both the iPhone and the Touch, and then only the Touch users had to pay, well… that would be something to talk about." But to be honest I don't see how that situation differs at all from the current one, The iPhone was given these apps, Later the iPod Touch comes out without them for no reason except to differentiate the lines! Next they decide the Touch should have these apps that could have been there all along and require no effort to put on the touch! Good news right, but then they charge you!! For effectively nothing.. And just to top it off, new users get these apps included in the standard package! Now that's a good deal!
  • Has anyone ever thought of the extra time and effort required to back-up all your downloads to cd? Not to mention the extra cost incurred I mean it seems like this act would cause you to pay back everything you saved by using downloads to begin with
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    Do You Really Own Your Music?
  • Wow, that was useless
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    Skin Your Mac To Look Like A Leopard
  • Halo for apple that is
  • Really? Anywhere I could learn more about this?
  • Unfortunately sony do still seem to have the final fantasy series. I'll surely miss those on my wii Oh and I think microsoft are hard at work on the "me too" idea; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pr85EsHCz1g
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    Zune, Wii or iPhone?
  • How exactly would it get onto the iPods in the first place?
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    The iPod Virus: Apple Arrogance
  • I found it to be perfect as far as first version's go but it was a little slow at times. My only complaint is that is seems very grey
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    Upgrading To iTunes 7:0? You Might Want To Wait
  • I want one!!!!
  • In all truth I have found that windows zealots are simply ignorant to all else so maybe haveing experienced a maqc first hand they will slowly be turned aginst windows.... Just a stupid idea though
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    Can Boot Camp Really Give Windows the Boot?
  • BRILLIANT!!!!! Oh my God!! It's so true!!
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    Pretty Funny Vista Preview
  • I take the pledge!!! Although it's easy for me as I'm on a ppc based mac but you have a very good point and I believe nobody should dual boot their system with windows!!!!
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    Take the No Windows-Booting Pledge
  • Start bar? Are you serious? It's just like an alias of your applications folder with other things added!!! I do agree the finder needs work but you're all overstating it!! It's still the best available by a longshot I personally would like another iSight which is a lower-res, compatible with dial-up and cheaper... Much cheaper!! i think all I need from leopard is a mildly improved finder and a new turbocharged safari! It's so slow on some sites. It get's very annoying at times but I'm stuck with it for widget downloads and it's top-class RSS integration
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    What Do You Want out of Leopard?