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  • Aug 20, 2007
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  • I'm becoming more tempted as I hear more friends and family adopt the device. However, I'm still a ways from pulling the trigger. What would seal it for me? True HD content (yes I know bandwidth is a limitation). I don't currently have all my digital photos in iPhoto. I didn't like it at first and I haven't gone back. Maybe it's time to give iPhoto another chance. I'm assuming I need my content in iPhoto to use the slide show features etc. Maybe, if it were a little cheaper ;) I need to finally get that HDTV. I currently have a 4:3 aspect flat tube 36" digital TV that only supports up to 480p. Yes, I know it's not 'true HDTV'. Whatever. So, anyways, I'm not sure I would be successful hooking this thing up to my current setup. I have enough wires behind my cabinet to hang a herd of chickens.
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    Apple TV Redux
  • Hmmm, well Leopard looks like it has some kewl things. Pushing MS even further behind. The Safari on Win thing is interesting. Personally I welcome it. I am a Safari believer. FF is a stinkin piece of ugly pooh, I hate it and only use it for testing. I see FF users like Linux users. Just going against the status quo. Whatev. I think it is a good sign because IE blows and blows hard. I don't care if it has 70+ percent market share it is an awful browser. We have more probs on IE6/7 here than all other browsers put together. I welcome a browser that has a chance to be decent.
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    My First WWDC as a Switcher
  • Can you link to the Engadget story or something about it? I have to admit I missed this one and don't know what you're talking about.
  • Try this: http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/18182 It's called 'disabletigerfeatures' and promises to turn off Spotlight at the push of a button. Allows you to turn it back on as well. This might be better than a lot of the 'terminal' solutions floating around out there.
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    Work Life Balance: Don't Believe the Hype
  • We do all of our dev on RoR here. I'm interested to hear any info you learn etc. about Ruby. It's pretty slick.
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    iPods, Nanos, and a Little Bit of WWDC
  • If you do hear of anything that works 'better' than your current setup ( I do the same thing you're doing at work by the way) I would love for you to share it. I am happy with most everything but the scheduling piece. It does tend to get horked up every now and again. "Oh, you don't have that meeting on your calendar?" Peace out
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    The Macintosh Way: At Work
  • I too was 'underwhelmed' when I played with ATV at the store. I read about it extensively before I ever saw it and understand it's limitations. I think it has a place in the scope of things right now but I like several others am waiting for V2. On the subject of xbox360, unless you happen to be a major time gamer it doesn't make any sense to put it into action in the same space as the ATV. Much more costly and loud and big and hot and requires a monthly subscription and oh yeah, it's from Microsoft. That'd be like kissing your sister. Patooey, ick, yuck. I'll wait.
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    Welcome Back to Apple-land
  • I think we're safe to say that most 'mom's and pop's' (read, vast majority) won't be using a NO-IP.com ip service and therefore don't really need to worry about this. (you really stepped in it this time!!!)
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    And They Said the Mac Was Intuitive
  • Hey! As one of your 'Mac' friends, I say welcome back! Somehow, even though I too spent the better part of 10 years at MS, I was able to keep my mac identity. I'm glad you finally saw the light ;) I look forward to reading your opinions about all things Apple.
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