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  • Mar 16, 2010
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  • 1) Today's computers are fast enough. That being said, however, give a little credit to Apple in that, Mac OS X is "new" and been getting better. Leopard was released in fall 2007--just over five years development. Apple is "done" with OS X and now "cleaning it up" under the hood. I applaud that maneuver instead of [again] overhauling the OS like Apple and MS do. I'm an Apple fan but let's hope that Windows 7 is a "fix" to Vista and not another version of Windows. MS keeps writing the entire Windows base over and over. They need to re-architect it from the ground up with a "compatibility box" and create a modern OS foundation--not keep re-writing an old OS architecture. Sorry...I went long on that one. 2) Icky-poo. 16 versions of Windows XP? Count 'em. That's crazy. One version of Mac OS X. 3) The Taskbar/Dock will always be different because of the main menubar in Mac OS X and the windowing nature of Windows. I've never had problems with the Dock. Between CMD-TAB (change apps) and Expose (see all windows on three monitors) I never have a problem knowing what app is where, what windows are open, etc. 4) I'm stuck here. I kinda like Windows dialog (having used Windows at work for years) but all the same it seems intrusive. Perhaps a better move/copy mechanism will come someday to both. 5) What? Not a problem...I don't understand your point. Printers switch, networks switch, etc. 6) Oops! 7) Why? No one is using Blue Ray. Too expensive. Burning a DVD takes forever. I don't want to wait 60 minutes to burn a disk (it does hold a lot, granted). I just don't see the need unless you like watching Blue Ray movies on your machine--but then you should either buy a TV or buy a third party Blue Ray drive. Thanks!
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