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  • Apr 25, 2007
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  • I agree that Apple is sort of neglecting the Mac, but I disagree about the cause. It's not that the other parts of business are doing even better. First, your graph is wrong in so many ways. You shouldn't compare Mac, iPod and iPhone unit sales, each product is in an entirely different category. At the moment, the iPod starts at $49 and its average selling price is about $150, for instance. The Mac ASP is hovering around $1,500, 10x as much as the iPod. Therefore, the iPod will move more units, this is a sure thing, a direct comparison is thus impossible. Unit sales is not the best metric to make your point; Apple mainly cares about revenue. Can you guess which product is more important for Apple in terms of revenue? Why, yes, the Mac. See graph: I think this explains why Apple is not in a big hurry to unveil new models. From their point of view the Mac is already doing good, it's still the main business, and there are more pressing matters to attend to. The iPod growth is slowing down and Apple is busy building itself a new cash cow, the iPhone. (Most of the iPhone revenue is deferred, its importance is difficult to represent in a graph. I'm using vanilla GAAP numbers and the hell with it, but there is more than meet the eye.)
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    Apple Neglecting the Mac?
  • Why is the Core Duo 2 any better than a Core Duo? As mentioned above in the comments it would be "Core 2 Solo" and "Core 2 Duo", not "Core Solo 2" or "Core Duo 2". The name can be found in the press release, if you can't get that right, why even bother posting an article? Core 2 is the 2d generation, G2 if you will, of the Intel Core architecture. It's a 64-bit family of chips, with more cache, a faster front side bus, etc. If you understand the Gx moniker formerly used by Apple, it should be crystal clear. With the advent of multicore processors Intel will distinguish between single-core and dual-core with Solo/Duo, this is not rocket science, is it? The Core 2 Extreme is only intended for a niche market, hardcore gamers who can afford a 1,000 USD processor to go with their high-end chipset, graphic card and neon case mod. You can forget about it. Intel's naming scheme can be confusing nonetheless, the notebook part will use either the 5000 series or 7000 series, the desktop part will use numbers in the 4000 and 6000 range. Power consumption will be designated by a letter prefix, from U for ultra low voltage to X for extreme. As an example: Core 2 Duo T5400 would be a dual-core part, consume between 15 and 24 watts and would be intended for notebooks. Core 2 Duo E6800: dual-core, 55 to 75 watts, desktop. Aha, peace of cake!