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  • Apr 13, 2007
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  • Some pages may yield to the power of the Debug Menu > User Agent trick.
  • There are in fact about half a dozen of Virtual Desktop Apps available for the Mac, freeware, shareware and even open-sourced.
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    Leopard All Spaced Out
  • Also, the ability to talk to your iPod will need a sound-in ability for the iPod, which could be usable for recording voice-notes.
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    iPods Talk Back
  • I think Onyx or Tinkertool would let you set the time banner as default banner
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    Hack the Login Window
  • Or use Visage, which not only allows you to customise the log-in window as much as you've shown here, but also has a few of other options available for 'hacking' the GUI, like running screensavers as a background picture. (note, it's $9.95 shareware)
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    Hack the Login Window
  • Adium IS universal, so is AppZapper, Netnewswire & MPlayer (2)
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    10 Essential Mac Apps
  • or perhaps more like a killer/Extremly Good/Famed game only available for Mac for the youth would do it too, and then perhaps 500 or 1000 of such
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    Popularizing the web
  • I think people have blown this rumor up to much, for as indeed is mentioned before, people wouldn't be able to boot from a firewire HD anymore, or use 'Target-Firewire' to load their laptops HD on a different computer, or use their Firewire-only equipment anymore.
  • The Font is Georgia at 13 points and Microsoft died long ago, the problem is, nobody noticed it yet just yet
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  • Even if Apple was a hardware only company they would have done pretty great, they have the most inovating designs for computers. And the biggest share of their income comes off of hardware sales from what i've read.
  • A nice little idea might be to be able to switch between Mac and Windows in the same we Mac users can already use "faster user switching", That way, to switch over to window you only need to choose a menuitem, and with a flashy effect: Voila, you're in windows! ^^