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  • Feb 09, 2006
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  • I can't say I'm a huge fan of iWork. Pages is kind of painful to work in vs (Open)Office. SubEthaEdit is Notepad2 on the Windows side. Thunderbird or Outlook to replace Mail. One piece of software that I couldn't live without on my Mac is the Path Finder . My biggest gripe with using a Mac has been that the Finder is horribly underpowered as compared to Konqueror or Windows Explorer. This brings things up to speed nicely. In any case, saying that OSX has the best selection of software is a bit of a stretch. Yes, the Mac definitely has a solid line up, but it still has a ways to go before anyone can go around calling it the best.
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    The Best Software Selection Is on the Mac
  • Ahh, but Mr. Carr, when your PC's crash, do you get the sad Apple face? That's what I thought. Anyway, as I said before, I know that GarageBand 3 comes with new Macs, but one of the points in this article was that Vista's minimum specs were too expensive, which puts the target price point below that of any of Apple's new retail models. If this person wanted to buy themselves a mac, they would have to buy something from a previous generation of macs, which don't come with GarageBand 3. As for the OSX not being as targetted, that's only partially true. Yes, if Apple and Dell were to switch market shares, there'd probably be viruses for the Mac, but as it stands, one of the best defences is that OSX is a unix system with sane user permissions. Just look - whenever you want to install an application it asks for your root password.
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    Microsoft Vista: Another Reason to Switch to Apple
  • Believe it or not, Apple didn't invent the desktop search with Spotlight, and there are plenty of good tools available for Windows. Data sync? My XP box at school syncs my PDA and cell phone no problem. My friend has bluetooth for his computer, and it does it wirelessly for him too. Hardware requirements ... last I checked, 256mb of RAM (maybe 512?), 64mb vram, 2GHz or so P4. So that costs, what, about $300 - $400 with a monitor right now (look at all the $299 Dell computer spam here, for example)? Also, Vista is (supposedly) coming out in 6 months, so by then the price'll be even lower. So the author is stating that they don't want to spend more than say $400 on a computer, and they want to switch over to a Mac. So this seems like they'll be getting a last gen Mac Mini. Guess what? It's not going to run Garade Band 3 very well, and you'll have to buy Garade Band 3 on top of that. That said, there are plenty of good reasons to switch over to a Mac. I use a Mac and I really like it, and I definitely recommend it to other people in almost all situations. This article's arguments are ridiculous though - it's like me saying that I drive a Toyota because Honda's cars don't have wheels.
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    Microsoft Vista: Another Reason to Switch to Apple