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  • Nov 04, 2005
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  • What does iSight have to do with Final Cut? Granted, one would expect support for so recent a version of an app, but how does iSight get dragged into that argument?
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    To Steve Jobs Apple Fans are Just Another Snack Cake
  • One of the case studies in an old advertising book was Coca-Cola. I think it was during the late '50s that sales began to drop, and the company called in some marketing experts. The analysis was that there were too many Cokes (regular, cherry, etc.), which fractured the brand in the public's mind. Cut it down to one Coke and come up with new names for everything else. Sales shot back up, and Coca-Cola Company learned a valuable lesson... ...which is why all those variants are back! Classic, Diet, Diet Caffeine Free, C2, Cherry, Vanilla, ad nauseum. There was a time when Apple had too many variants, as well, and they were hurting just like Coca-Cola. Perhaps they can diversify once they can get a steady flow of processors to keep up with the orders they are already getting.
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    Does the Mac Need a New Model?
  • Next stop: the surgically implanted "Johnny Mnemonic" music player.
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    Did the iPod Win the War?
  • Chris, I suppose it's telling in itself that the Ashlee Simpson clip was in WMV. As a multimedia artist I've always hated WMV and especially WiMP (Windows Media Player). I thought the lack of "pause" control that would actually stop where I wanted, or the ability to step through frames had something to do with the media stream itself. It turns out that WiMP is the problem. For those who prefer QuickTime Player, but inevitably run into WMV and WMA files on the Web, check out WMV Player by (No, I do not work for them.) The plugin is still going through some growing pains, but I am very happy with it. WMV Player comes in four variations, each offering more features. For playback-only of Windows Media files, the plugin is $9.99.
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    Letter From the Recording Industry: Please Send Money
  • I hate the Dock (prefer the old MultiFinder) and the Dashboard does not exist for me. There will always be features in an OS or other app that some people use, while others do not. Is that bloatware? Not unless it's totally beyond the margins and off the page, like embedded video in Word.
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    Tiger? Where did you go?
  • Armoursin, how much of a CF is the default packaging? Also consider that hard-drives have a more restrictive set of dimensions than flash. That is, what's to keep the designers from lining the back of the LCD with flash, or making a broad layer under the keyboard? (Those are probably not the choicest locations for various reasons, but you get the idea.)
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    Flash Based Laptops, Sooner Than You Think
  • The calculator bit sounds like Asimov's short story "The Feeling of Power." Interactivity is an important part of teaching. My father was a high school English teacher, and enjoyed the "special needs" classes as much as the top level classes. One semester he ended up with an Italian girl in special needs. She was not a slow learner or a "problem" student, but she did not know any English. My father picked up some children's picture books in Italian and set out to teach the entire special needs class a foreign language. The Italian girl instantly had an entire roomful of friends who helped her learn English, while she taught them Italian. Everyone was stunned at open house to hear the "slow learners" conversing in Italian. Teaching is an art. Books, slides or even PowerPoint will never be to blame; they are only tools. It all depends on how they are used. Plutarch said it best: "The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be lighted."
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    PowerPoint Kills Brain Cells