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  • Jun 11, 2011
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  • I was wondering, can an iPod get a virus so that you end up needing [URL=]free antivirus downloads[/URL] if you get your music from the wrong place? People say that Apple products don't get such problems, is that really so? If a song has a virus, can the device that plays it get damaged?
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    Review: A Look At The TransPod iPod Car Adapter
  • Windows users have the [URL=]free antivirus download[/URL] possibility while Mac OSX don't have such services.. because they don't have viruses! To me the contest is a good image stunt, it's funny and to the point: you can't create a virus, you'll see! They could have even offered a greater reward:)
  • Hey, do you remember those daisy wheel printers? They are even more obsolete.. it's really interesting to read something like this, it reminds me of what great distance had to be covered to reach today's technology, with thermal and UV printers... this thought makes me appreciate what I have the chance to own now even more, from my modern microwave oven and my surround sound system to the [URL=;=&Amp=True&IDProduto=335012&q=Acqua+Di+Gio] Acqua Di Gio perfume [/URL] I can offer my girlfriend and my shaver with individually floating heads.
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    ImageWriter LQ
  • I haven't used Safari so I can't say I agree or disagree on the fact that it is problematic, but with Firefox I definitely get along well. There are add-ons that offer me a lot of help in browsing, there are great themes that one can choose, like you have said and.. it's simply easy to use. The speed at which it functions.. doesn't that depend on whether you have a [URL=]clean registry[/URL] or not too?
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    Safari-fy Your Firefox in 5 Steps