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  • Dec 13, 2005
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  • Singularity? Wherever do you guys come up with this stuff? NT WAS a ground up rewrite for multitasking and set the stage for performance levels Apple can only dream of. Subsequent "Professional" operating systems have drastically changed this initial codebase and Vista will be nearly unrecognizable from NT 3.0. It will most likely not run a single NT 3 app as well. Ya'll should check in with MS once in a while. Your old tired arguments haven't been updated since you first tried to claim superiority over Windows 95. While it would be fun to continue this conversation, I’m afraid I’ll have to get back to the real world. I’ll leave you gentlemen to your discussion and OS War reenactments. “The Mac Will Rise Again! (on Intel processors, no doubt) and the Mac faithful will rise into the air to meet Steve Jobs in glory to celebrate the second coming with trumpets and iPods. Then the unfaithful (the other 97.22%) will wail, and gnash their teeth, and be so jealous…” BTW, Won’t a mac in Intel be basically just a BSD-UNIX box back on its old platform?
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  • I don't really care what storage it offers as long as it runs Windows XP. I can boot it from a PXE boot image on my Windows Server 2003 terminal server and have a nice little $2,000 thin client. :lol:
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    The Intel iMacs Won't Have A Disk Drive