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  • Apr 13, 2010
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  • > As everyone now famously knows, this has cost Apple big in the past. The best example > is Windows, which could have been Apple's game had Steve Jobs been more open, and > allowed the cloning market to happen earlier on. Beware of assuming "what everyone knows". They used to "know" the earth was flat. This to me, is like saying, "if only Apple were Microsoft", then the MacOS would be Windows. ... Somehow, I doubt it. Windows was always going to happen. It was driven by the enterprise market; whereas Apple has always targeted the consumer market. There's always going to be a least common denominator -- and it was never going to be an Apple product. Corporate molds are cast from the beginning. Microsoft was founded on deceit, misappropriation, and predatory practices from Day 1. Read the history, and form your own opinion. That's mine. Sunny Guy