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  • Jul 08, 2008
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  • I think Remote Disc for viewing DVDs would be great. I know this isn't a money maker, but it is a selling point. As long as your entire network is 802.11n (or Ethernet), I don't see why it wouldn't work. Widgets, including Mail, would add a lot of functionality (as stated before). I can see why Apple doesn't want it to become a full blown computer, but still, a few more bones could be thrown.
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    Come on Steve, at WWDC Make the Apple TV Great
  • I couldn't agree with you more, Chris. I have a Pioneer 42" plasma connected to my TV at 720p, and it looks great. I get 7 MBps download, and "2010:The Year We Make Contact" took 30 minutes to begin watching. How much longer would 1080p take? And would I notice the difference had I a 1080p LCD next to my plasma? I doubt it, unless the TV was over 60" in size. For the price, speed, and probably less heat, 720 was a good choice for Apple. My photos and graphics look incredible, YouTube can only look so good, no matter the resolution, trailers load fast, and .Mac plays smooth. Hadley makes no more sense to me than another article I read claiming Apple has hit the glass ceiling because it can't penetrate enterprise, as if the consumer market were already tapped. And does anyone know the Apple Remote code to load into another remote, say, like my Bose?
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    Undooming the Apple TV
  • I bought one for half price at Target for my oldest son. He uses it for the audio output of the eMac, and to listen to his 5g iPod. Sounds good. For $185.00, sounds GREAT!!!
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    The iPod Hi-Fi - It's a Swing, and A Miss!
  • Damn, my calendar is way off...!
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    June 29, 1998: Glenn Reid Tastes the Apple
  • Had Apple made the iPhone available to all cell companies, the number of sales would have been split between them, and I think it is doubtful that without the onslaught that was brought on by a single carrier, we wouldn't have gotten the upgraded system as was mentioned in the article. Giving a single company all that new business was the condition to get the system updated. Check and mate.
  • When I look at an iPhone, what I see is either an ad, an article, or FUD....
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    iPhone Shortage and Business Worries