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  • I agree they might have toned down the separation a bit but overall I liked them. It was more us and them instead of the usual us vs. them. This is what we can do, and by the way, we can coexist. They did take a couple of shots that seemed a little self-indulgent though. Networking was also my favorite.
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    What We Think about the New Mac Ads
  • Simplicity, it does not come with a lot of baggage.
  • What a timely piece Chris, well put.
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    Apple fans: We're a weird mob
  • I've only played with this a short time so I don't know all the ins and outs yet. I feel about the same way you do J but in the end I come out a little more to the positive. I agree that there will be folks that will want more customization but given a drag and drop app like this, I believe most will be satisfied. I think it might inspire others in that same group, after a little taste of success, to invest the time to learn a dreamweaver. It is just personal webpages. The whole thing really does push you toward .Mac though. Did you get a chance to make a podcast? Super simple I thought.
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    iWeb: A First Look
  • Liking or disliking a product doesn't go very far answering a question like this. In the beginnig, after the x86 announcement, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what might be the best logical move. I came to the conclusion that most of my thoughs centered around my experiences and what I wanted to happen based on that. That being better gaming support and the ability to load OSX on a machine I built. I have seen little difference from others. I backed up and tried again trying to take into account the 2 larger markets of business workstations and home computers. I feel like I start getting too far ahead. Right now Apple has pretty much full control. They have solid product line that is not too complicated. They have a good profit margin in an industry suffering from low profits and they have a loyal customer base. Whatever I may want to happen , I don't think they are going to try to set the world on fire right out of the X86 chute. Right now I see no reason not to believe what they have already told us. Nothing, at least in the beginning, is going to change. Apple will still be an Apple and a PC will still be a PC.
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    How much is style worth?
  • Haha, Nice Chris. /bow
  • My story has two different perspectives. It was interesting when I figured it all out and taught me a lot about the view of users and the never ending platform debate. It has made me more objective. First the way I saw it. When I got into gaming online, I figured out that I could afford to build a more powerful pc than I could afford to buy. I work with macs but do not bring my work home and since I only game at home never bought a mac for personal use. The gaming machines were still powerful machines when I upgraded so they would be handed off to my wife. At home she did the usual surfing, e-mail and occasionally some work. Typically 2 to 6 weeks after the hand off she would start having "problems". My wife is a typical user. She is not very technical and "problems" is an all inclusive word. So I found myself spending a lot of time working on a computer that literally never gave me a minutes trouble when I used it. I was frustrated, blaming her and completely wrong. My wife saw things differently. Very simply, I was giving her a machine that would not consistently perform the tasks that she wanted to do. It didn't matter to her how powerful the machine was or how trouble free it was before she got it. Although she was willing to learn to an extent she was not wanting to become a tech just to be able to use her machine. I realized that I was expecting her to use the machine like I do. A fatal flaw in techie logic. I had not reconfigured the machine for her type of user because I didn't understand the difference. I had asked her before if she would be interested in a mac and up to this point she was not. Now she was getting into digital music, photography and video so I brought home a machine and showed her iLife and a general overview of the OS. She used that machine for a few days as a kind of demo. Then I explained to her that I could make the PC work more like she wanted it to but I thought she would be a more happy as mac user. She loves her mac.
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    Why do you own a Mac?
  • Chris, did you look at mobile accounts. It may be the missing link you are looking for. Think that was introduced in Panther server. May not be exactly the same but not much of a Stretch. Bandwidth could be a problem, probably not as much on a small home network. I agree one major hurdle would be making it easy enough to manage for the non-techie. Then convincing them that they can do it. It's something you would think is Apple could do. If the server doesn't break the bank and the clients are reasonably priced then you could have a "family plan" type marketing strategy. Make sure you thank your local cell phone company for preparing the market. Buy a server and client, Add a client for $xx. This against the back drop of the cost of individual pc's maybe. There are a few different ways to look at it.
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    iMac Stepping Stone To An Entertainment Thin-Client?
  • The 3 processors in the 360 are ibm PPC chips, they may not be G5s but I wonder if we won't see some mods come out of that as well.
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    The Xbox 360, the PS3 and . . . Apple?
  • I think it's just another approach at trying to find the right combination of function to entice the consumer. So the MS media center hasn't had much success, Ok. True enough but, why should folks that cannot do it on their computer be able to do it on their computer connected to a television? Kind of funny if you think about it. Now wrap it in an Xbox and the kids will show the parents how to do it. Kids get what they want, mom and dad get what they want and MS/Sony get what they want. With the hope that somewhere in all of that it will catch on with the wider part of the market. win/win/win? Maybe, we will see.
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    The Xbox 360, the PS3 and . . . Apple?