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  • Aug 23, 2007
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  • Interestingly, Apple has now begun to reproduce features that were perfected in HyperCard in the FileMaker Pro suite of applications. What is even more interesting, and very frustrating for those who were avid users of HyperCard, is that these features are being dribbled out one or two at a time in major (and expensive) upgrades to FileMaker. It shows that Apple definitely learned its lesson: never give away a good product, and if you do, terminate it and create a new product which you can slowly rebuild into a functional clone of the good product, charging lots of money all along the way. Make no mistake, I like FileMaker, and I like Apple products in general, but losing HyperCard and going to FileMaker was a huge step backward in functionality and capability, and only now is FMP beginning to show some _potential_ of comparing favorably.
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    August 9, 1987: HyperCard Released
  • Have you considered that Apple is actually making lower prices available to ALL buyers of the product? Meaning that the new buyer would otherwise be paying $179 to your $129 for Tiger (for example). Consider the economics of development and pricing. Apple is sure selling a lot fewer copies of its OS than Microsoft is selling, but the price is substantially lower, and the quality is at very least comparable, (not to invite zealous tirades). I think your complaint is specious.
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    Upgrading, Why It Hurts To Be A Mac User
  • 1) Better AppleScript support (larger dictionaries) for native applications. I don't want to have to resort to calling System Events in scripts, it's clunky. 2) Make as reliable and bulletproof as Unix Mail has been forever. No lost mailboxes or messages, ever. 3) Return the Scripts menu to the applications, or at least provide the ability to set keystroke commands on menu scripts *by application*.
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    How Could OS X Be Improved?
  • This has been one of the very few persistent peeves I've had since I made the transition from OS9 to Panther. I have since completely abandoned pre-Panther OS and don't even have classic installed, I've saved just about every font file I've laid hands on since 1987 (or at least since TrueType fonts were introduced on the Mac), and I'd love to be able to update and make use of many of the older ones. Fonts are such a central part of the creative concept for anyone with any kind of design use for their computer, and it frankly amazes me that Apple hasn't put more effort into making this functionality a keystone (one of many) of the greatness of Mac OS.