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  • @Khürt Williams - nothing wrong with Ubuntu at all - I just prefer using OSX and having all my machines running on the same operating system. But I'm guessing your question was meant to be some rhetorical point. (abut also breaking Apple and Dell's EULA is just an added bonus) No one is actually making all these people buy Netbooks and put OSX on them. Anyone who buys a 8.9" screen, 1.6ghz single processor machine and then proceeds to complain about those constraints really deserves to lose their money anyway. Unlike the iPhone, I've yet to see any netbook be chastised for misselling what they can do and how fast they can do it.
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    Apple, Don't Join the Netbook Fad
  • I bought a Dell Mini 9 and installed OSX on it, and I love it, my macbook just sits gathering dust now (it was however not my main computer). My iphone is nifty for a lot of stuff, but it's constraints are far higher than a netbook. What's great about the dell is that it almost feels like a disposable computer, portability and cheapness are a good combination for me at the moment, a demographic Apple would rather die than serve. - which is fine. I've got my osx netbook. I don't need it to have an illuminated Apple on the front, and quite like the freedom on not worrying whether it gets a scratch or not. So I agree with you to a degree, Apple shouldn't bother, but Netbooks are great nevertheless
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    Apple, Don't Join the Netbook Fad
  • Maybe we're just older and more cynical or maybe the new generation of evangelists (fanboiz) are just too moronic to want to align ourselves with, considering Apple are hardly the underdogs of years gone by, but whatever it is, it's happening to everybody I know these days too, and Apple have only got themselves to blame, although they probably don't care.
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    Don't Be Fooled, It Isn't a Walled Garden Its a Prison
  • "perhaps if the developers boo SJ at the next keynote, it may do more" As Steve Jobs is someone who obviously revels in his status, maybe a dent or two to his ego would be the catalyst to change, rather than anything else.
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    Apple Rejecting Apps Doesn't Matter
  • This whole situation leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but then I realised I haven't actually bothered to look in the App(le) store for weeks now. The novelty has worn off (I've bought my token apps), perhaps as the wave of ambivalence follows through, Apple will be forced to change their tact, or perhaps if the developers boo SJ at the next keynote, it may do more, than any other action.
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    Apple Rejecting Apps Doesn't Matter
  • The thing is you can criticise Beeblebrox, but he's not the one making things up here, this article is just ridiculously ignorant of everything else out there, implying that Apple are leading the way in losing optical drives and using SSD memory. They are leading the way in expecting users to survive on very few ports on their computer (ie one!), that is the real trailblazing in this product.
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    The MacBook Air Is a Sign of Things to Come
  • It’s $129, the same price as any other notebook battery at the Apple Store.

    Except just like RAM, one would be mad not to get an alternate battery elsewhere. The Air is a bit of beauty, but it's just too much of a compromise in my opinion.
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    Improving the MacBook Air
  • What I find most insulting is the way they pad out the 300 "NEW" features with things that already existed such as "watch the latest trailers in Front Row" to name one of many.
  • Actually June 21/22 is the middle of summer, not the start of it. Lets face it, Leopard is going to be delayed, we are almost at the end of March, without even a hint of release date, and no clue of any of those 'special, secret" features, that you would assume would be beneficial to the coding community. Apple just seems to have been too preoccupied with the iPhone,
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    WWDC June 2007 — What Should We Expect?
  • This idea is so old and been done to death, and it always falls apart on the input device. Touchpad keyboards have existed for years, the failed companies who produced probably thought like the writer and a few of the comments that "it was a great idea!" Tactile feedback, whether people like or not is vital for typing. The iPhone is not even out yet, lets see if Apple really do manage (outside the Jobs reality distortion field) to successfully overcome the need for a keypad on a phone first after a few both hands texting sessions before consigning the keyboard to history.
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    The New 12" MacBook Will Have an iPhone-like Interface
  • The iTV will fail completely unless Apple allows the installation of Quicktime plug-ins such as DIVX, and knowing Apple and the fact that the iTV is closed, that is not going to happen (without some hacking), so frankly why they are bothering even trying to flog the item outside of the US is beyond me, as there is no content that you will be able to play on it, unless of course you want to go to the great lengths of converting every video to something iTunes compatible. Using Steve's Pricing Logic: Apple TV $300 + DVD Player and recorderr $250 +DIVX player $200 + computer $300 = MacMini @ $600, a saving of a few hundred dollars and some space in front of your telly! So no the iTV was not enough of an announcement! I'd get more use out of iLife 07 and Leopard thanks!
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    The iPhone is Great But What About The Rest?
  • MacWorlds of recent year have had people storming Apple Stores ready to buy the goods, this year it's oddly ambivalent as the iPhone although amazing, is nothing more than an expensive (and unavailable) niché product, and the iTV is a stripped down, less functional MacMini in essence. Will people buy the iPhone in droves at that price point, knowing that it will be upgraded at least twice whilst they are stuck in a contract?
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    What Do You Think of the iPhone?
  • Very disappointing, as basically as someone with a macMini connected to a 42inch plasma, living in the UK, there was absolutely nothing for me to get excited about, why does the UK apple store even have the iTV for sale, seeing as you probably wont be able to even add quicktime plug-ins like DIVX, you can't play downloaded (pirated) material, and ITMS UK only sells music, what's the point. And the iPhone, nice looking gadget but seeing as we'll only be (possibly) seeing it in a year (who knows what Nokia/SE/Motorola will have out by then?), this MacWorld actually must go down as the most pointless in terms of actual tangible excitement, not even a new version of iPhoto to look forward to buying or anything to download! surely it would of been better to have this iPhone announcement at a separate event? A MacWorld keynote with absolutely nothing for the Mac?
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    What Do You Think of the iPhone?
  • Movies are completely differant to music, people like to own music, but the mindset in movies is towards rental. No one is going to pay such a high price point ($15) for a Hard Drive Hog of Police Academy 6, so the ITMS should it ever come to pass would probably allow a few watches or expire at a certain time.
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    The Video iPod Cometh
  • You have to ask yourself, who in their right mind is going to invest in any Apple machines for the immediate future? This is a worrying time, I certainly don't want to be running software on some crappy emulator. Sales will completely nosedive. We'll get to 10.4.8 have a stable OS again, then have to start all over again (akin to 10.1) with an Intel version!
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    Apple On Intel Confirmed