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  • Funny, I've never been a fan of Safari until Leopard came out (I hated brushed metal), and since Firefox 3 came out I've switched to Safari completely. If you read , from a web developer's point of view Safari is doing amazing things (which will carry over to everyone else using Safari). They keep adding things that are leaps ahead of Firefox and I personally find Firefox a lot bulkier and slower (even with most of its extensions disabled). I think Firefox is really shooting themselves in the foot by not moving towards having a good mobile browser sooner. Google's going to use WebKit in Android and so are a bunch of other companies like Nokia. It just seems like there's a lot more excitement happening with Safari and not so much so with Firefox (whose quasi-Mac / quasi-Vista interface on Mac just looks aweful to most people I know). And pretty soon JavaScript is going to be crazy fast with SquirrelFish... Lots of sites like Gmail will benefit from that.
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    Firefox 3 Kills Safari
  • You said it's a far cry from clicking one button and having the songs end up in your iTunes library, but if you install the Downloader program then all you have to do at Amazon is click one button and your songs will end up in your iTunes library... It's a shame Apple hasn't be able to extend "iTunes Plus" to its entire music collection (I know they would if the record labels allowed them to, but still...). I've been burned too many times with buying songs on iTunes and having trouble getting them onto another computer. I've bought a lot more songs since discovering Amazon's MP3 store, since they've made it so easy to just buy the music you want and not worry about anything else.
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    My Experience With Amazon's MP3 Download Service
  • I bought a G5 iMac in June 2005 and I knew that with the Intels coming out, my computer might not be upgradable for very long. I'm surprised my computer works with Leopard as well as it does and there's no way I'd want to do another upgrade on top of that. I will still be able to keep and install 99% of Mac software out there, so I don't think it'll be a big deal for me to wait for a new computer before I have Snow Leopard. It's not like Apple's going to stop you from using your computer when the new OS comes out. You just won't be able to get the new version optimized for newer computers. People who want to buy a new version of Windows get screwed over a lot more easily and a lot less justifiably.
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    No G5 Owners, Snow Leopard is not a Screw Job
  • Most places just call it the Sony Reader... No need to come up with new names. That's too bas it sucks on the software end, especially with Windows-only software. I wonder how the Amazon Kindle is going to be with that? Their Amazon Unbox video download service is Windows-only. There's been plenty of times I would have bought a tv show from them since they have stuff iTunes doesn't...
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    Some Thoughts On The Sony Reader Digital Book
  • This article is so silly and pointless. > Apple’s intentions are locking down the iPhone and iPod Touch to deter > any sort of added functionality; what you get is what’s in the box Is there anything you get with the Zune that's *not* in the box?? > The Zune, on the other hand, had its software upgraded to that of the > newer interface shipping on all new models. Tell me, would Apple think > of upgrading their older iPods in such a way? Apple does this all the time, as long as the product isn't significantly older or outdated. The Zune has been out for how long? Apple has stated from the beginning that they'll be adding new features to future upgrades of the iPhone, and they already have with the Wifi iTunes store and a bunch of other things. > Why is it that I can add a new calendar entry on my iPhone but when > I turn to the iPod Touch Does the Zune even come with a calendar?! > The current trend in technology is the convergence of devices; why not > make a Windows Mobile phone combined with the Zune. Because Windows Mobile isn't that great? Even before the iPhone, I'd refuse to buy any phones with WM on them. > When it all comes down to it, Apple will want you locked in to their > proprietary platform while Microsoft will take a different approach. Because Microsoft doesn't lock you into anything? First they take over the market, then once they have a lot of marketshare everything goes down the drain. Web developers have been struggling with IE for a long time until Microsoft got scared of Firefox.
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    Why The Zune Will Outdo The iPod
  • I think we're talking about different RAZR models. If you go to the Verizon website for their V3m, they only claim a talk time of "up to 200 minutes" (i.e. 3.33 hours), not "200 to 420 minutes" (3.33 to 7 hours). The 16 hours I was referring to iPhone's specs, but it looks like that's the number of hours you could listed to music for it. I was being sarcastic about using that figure to talk about the battery range. What matters is the talk time, since that's what Aaron was talking about, and the iPhone has more than certain RAZR models (even if the range was 3-7, 5 hours puts the iPhone in the middle, but that's not true). A gadget can have a lot of features and be simple and sophisticated too. The way you can zoom into a photo by using your fingers is simple, but the technology behind it is highly sophisticated. OS X has a lot of features, but they're all executed in an intuitive way without giving you everything but the kitchen sink. That's design. The starting price is expensive, but do you not remember how much the RAZR was when they first came out? They were over $400! Now you call them a $40 phone. I'm sure given the same life span as a RAZR, the iPhone will be much more affordable.
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    Meizu M8 vs. Apple iPhone
  • If your definition of a smartphone is just that it's something that lets you install applications, then there's no reason to continue this argument. The point is that the iPhone contains a very advanced operating system that *can* do that (but Apple chooses not to support that ability) and will have many other functionalities beyond that of a regular phone, along with a typing mechanism. That quote from Steve Jobs at Engadget was his way of saying that the iPhone is a simple device like other Apple products and it will not try to be a cluttered "everything but the kitchen sink" device. 3.33 is the RAZR's "talk time" which is the iPhone specification you decided to harp on. The battery of the phone can of course last a lot longer if it's just turned on and you're not using it (i.e. the "standy time", which I'm sure the iPhone has more than 5 hours of as well). If you want to play that game, then the iPhone's battery life is "5 to 16 hours". I dare you to find someone with the battery that came with a RAZR V3c or V3m who can have a conversation for longer than 3.33 hours without their battery dieing. You were surprised by the iPhone's talk time (which is greater than this), but yet one of the most popular phones has 1.66 fewer hours of talk time and doesn't even come close to having the number of features and technological sophistication that the iPhone has.
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    Meizu M8 vs. Apple iPhone
  • To be more specific, 3.33 is the number of talk time hours for the RAZR V3c and V3m sold by Sprint and Verizon. The RAZR V3xx sold by AT&T/Cingular is even less at 3.17.
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    Meizu M8 vs. Apple iPhone
  • From an ethical perspective, I found this article really insulting. What next, are you going to do a feature comparison between the iPod Nano and the Micromaxx MM42452 ( ) or the countless other knockoffs of Apple products? I can't foresee a more blatant rip-off of an iPhone than this Meizu M8. These are NOT competing products. And the fact that the author of this doesn't see the iPhone as anything more than a regular phone (though you might want to check out something called the RAZR, ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR PHONES OUT THERE, since its talk time is only 3.33 hours) is just icing on the cake.
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    Meizu M8 vs. Apple iPhone
  • Oh and has anyone else noticed that the video of Spaces on Apple's website ( ) seems to be inaccurate? About halfway through, they move iChat from one space to another and then open the space iChat was moved to, but when that space opens iChat isn't there! Did the moving not work?!
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    Leopard All Spaced Out
  • I used Linux for a few years before switching to OS X and the idea of multiple desktops sounded useful, but it ended up getting tiring pretty quickly to keep moving applications around and jumping to different desktops. I'm curious to see if Apple's implementation makes it any easier to use, though. In the real world, four desks near each other sounds like it'd be good to have a lot of space, but four desks are also four desks you need to keep clean and organized and you have to remember what you put in which desk...
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    Leopard All Spaced Out
  • The Internet isn't the only thing we get for "free." You can read books in the library for free. You can also watch TV for free if you don't get cable. If all these things cost money, I think the gap between the haves and the have-nots would get a lot more severe, and that's dangerous when it comes to information.
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    Pay Per View Internet
  • You mean "The French concede to Apple"?
  • What about all the "consumers" using iPods? Even if a portion of those people switch to Macs, isn't that a pretty important amount of people?
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    Why the New Mac Campaign will Fail
  • Aren't you making a really gigantic assumption that in order to release updates to their OS (and thus keep making money) Microsoft will have to rewrite their OS each time they make a new release? That's rediculous. As you've pointed out, Apple has been able to make four "releases" (five if you count Leopard) of their operating system. Microsoft also did this with Win95 -> WinMe -> WinXP. Given the massive amount of effort and the number of years going into Vista, there may very well be even more releases of Vista (that won't necessarily even be called Vista after the first year) to keep Microsoft going very well past 2007. I feel like your argument is just saying "Microsoft will self-destruct... just because" and doesn't offer a compelling reason for that to actually happen.
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    Will Vista Be the Last Operating System Microsoft Produces?