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  • Jun 10, 2008
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  • Apple should not now, or ever license OS X. Apple's goal has never been to just make money, and that's what is a the center of all this speculation. Apple's goal has always been to achieve the highest user experience possible. They have fought to prove that quality is key. Business analyst always count out the businesses who focus on making great products, and focusing on the the customers instead of the bottom line; and most of the time they are right, but in Apple's they have gotten it wrong every time. Everyone is always predicting Apples doom if Apple doesn't start playing like every body else, and they are always wrong. The rest of the industry needs Apple to stay the way they are. If Apple joins the ranks, all the innovation that drives the rest of the industry will disappear. If Apple stops leading, and just falls in line, who's going to take their place? Hadley, why would you want to stop the innovation to save a couple of bucks. Once your company's focus becomes making money instead of making great products that's when you are doomed. Apple having survived that move before is remarkable, and incredibly rare for any company. If Apple stops doing what they are doing, the industry will start moving backwards. Making the most money, and having the most market share doesn't mean you are the best... I'd rather be the best, than the richest any day.
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    Is The Time for Clones Now?
  • OK, so you are saying that it would be better to pay $199 for Windows because it is a discounted price, than to pay $129 for the far superior Mac OS X because it's regular price. It is amazing to me that you think it's a better deal to pay $70 more crap because it's discounted. Honestly, I agree with you about iLife and iWork; but your examples don't actually help your argument. You wuld have done better to have just said, "I wish Apple would offer upgrade prices for some of their consumer products, like iLife and iWork, the way they do for their Pro Line of products." I think everyone would have agreed and supported you with that. However, you lost us by comparing Apples (pun intended) to Oranges...
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    Upgrading, Why It Hurts To Be A Mac User