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  • Jan 13, 2008
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  • Well, the single point that breaks your article is that Apple advertisements have always shown Apple as BETTER choices and products, as they INDEED are. Nobody chooses Windows because Windows is better...that's why they may be regarded as lemmings. As for iPods, they are CLEARLY the best choice out there, in design, interface, integration with music stores and overall quality...not just because they are "trendy"... So yeah, we don't have to eat crow or be humble, because our choices are simply conscious...sorry to burst your bubble of analogy.
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    When Is It Okay to Insult iPod Users?
  • This Seibold guy's piece of text is a joke, right? I mean, I thought this website was called AppleMatters, mostly dealing with Mac news and rumors... Or is he trying to become Dvorak's ridiculous partner in Op-Ed articles? Gimme a break, please...
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    Five Reasons Why There Will Be No Macs in 2010
  • Simple, they will be three products: 1) iPod Hi-Fi Boombox; 2) Mac Mini with PVR capabilities; 3) iTunes Movie Store.
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    Predict The Next Big Thing And Win An iPod Nano
  • I second what Ericdano said...what a sad statement on foreign the end, that's why lovely U.S. does what it does to other countries in the world...utter disregard to foreign cultures...
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    The Apple Store - No Place for Kids
  • Exactly...he was just coughing a LOT and with a flu or something like that...obviously he didn't have the energy to jump around like Ballmer monkey...please, don't try to find ghosts where they don't exist...the keynote had excellent launches and, for some, expectations were ridiculous...nothing more.
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    Lackluster Performance At The Keynote
  • Sorry, but again the review is biased against an Apple product...Safari is by far the browser most used in my iMac G5, lightning fast and compatible enough (with very few noticeable exceptions) a backup I have Opera, Camino and Mozilla...but please emphasize the "backup" in there, which is used for roughly 5% or less of my browsing experience... Safari could be better? Yep, as any other browser...but to say it's time to "ditch" it is to overreact to the point of absurdity...
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    Is it time to ditch Safari?
  • The analysis was a bit too harsh in my opinion...the problem is that Panther was already a GREAT OS, so the improvements in Tiger were of a more incremental nature, not anything groundbreaking (apart from Spotlight, probably)... Anyway, on to the main Tiger features: - Spotlight, least 4/5 - Dictionary, awesome and always there...5/5 - Dashboard, wonderful for the following widgets...Translator, Weather (Apple's and Swiss Meteo), Dictionary/Thesaurus, Garfield Comics, Stickies and Calendar...they are ALWAYS on...3.5/5 or 4/5 - Safari RSS, ok...used sometimes, 3/5 - Automator, never tried actually...don't have time to dig into it...2/5 - iChat AV...unfortunately for the world outside U.S., MSN is the de facto standard, so iChat is barely used, even though it's great...2/5 - Sync...not used because I don't have a BT mobile or anything like that...1/5 - Quicktime...used sometimes, always on anyway...could have more codecs, though...3/5 - Mail 2.0...MY client, works great...4/5 - DVD Player...always used too...4.5/5 And no, I haven't had any issues with Tiger since 10.4.0...GO APPLE!
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    Tiger? Where did you go?