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  • Needed pad your click count, I see.
  • All I can say is that I use a Mac and a Windows machine all day every day, I love the Mac and hate the Windows machine--I use the Windows machine because I "have to*" and I use the Mac because I want to. Figure it out yourselves. * I don't HAVE to use a Windows machine, just windows, and I'd rather use it on a separate machine than on a Mac.
  • Obviously, Apple's HIG is not meant to apply to all operating systems, and it's not meant to be the holy grail, as you pointed out. Nevertheless, it was developed as a result of TONS of research--mostly NOT by Apple, by the way--by Xerox Palo Alto Research Center. The "one-button" mouse was the result of actual science, not PR bullshît. That, however, was in a different universe--one with neither Windows nor Macintosh in it. The world has adapted to graphic interfaces, and they have matured greatly. They've also gotten very complicated. As a result, everybody has written their own HIG, and Apple has greatly modified theirs. Sometimes, Apple doesn't even follow theirs. That doesn't mean they should be ignored, though. Every HIG was written to give people guidelines so that their applications operate similarly enough to others so that the users don't have to learn how to use a computer from scratch every time they use a different program. People used to have to "learn to use" programs--relatively intelligent people. Most people have no CLUE what it was like before the Macintosh, so they make fun of those who value the HIG. Stick to the HIG of the system you're in, and life will be better for you, the developer, and for your users. When you have a good reason--as the "good book says"--deviate, but only as necessary.
  • > And it’s very telling that Apple would rather take it’s ball and go home rather than face any kind of real competition to iTMS or the iPod. It's not a matter of taking their ball and going home. It's a matter of not allowing 2% of the market to dictate terms on the other 98%. As I posted elsewhere, I think DRM is bullshit, so I don't buy it. However, they should have a right to sell it, and the iPod, on their terms.
  • Atlas Shrugged. The easy and most reasonable response is to unburden France with iPods and iTunes Music Store. There. No more problem.
  • It put me to sleep. I skipped ahead to read the comments.
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    The Mac Paradox
  • > That’s right. They’re a monopoly because they own 80% of the portable music market and used that advantage to lock out the ability of other manufacturers to compete. Hyperbole. I have several Macintoshes, two Windows boxen, several iPods, a Rio, and they _ALL_ work together. What don't I use? Fairplay-DRM-encrusted music files. That stuff is evil (so is all the other DRM.) I rip CDs, and don't buy CDs with DRM.
  • First, let me say that I prefer a two-button mouse, and that it's no big deal that Apple ships with a one-button mouse, because mice are cheap. Having said that, I *hate* multibutton trackpads. I haven't used a single one I like. I like being able to press the button with my thumb *wherever* it happens to be. The ThinkPad trackpad, with its four buttons, for example, drives me bats. If Apple does anything funky with the trackpad, I pray they at least allow me to continue to use it as a 1-button trackpad.
  • Apple has had a history of being more compatible with Windows trash than the windows trash is with Apple's. This is a fact. Beyond that OBVIOUS knowledge, realize that XP--the plug'n'play legend that it is--didn't offer to do [excrement] with the plug'n'play drive. At least on a Macintosh, it would have offered to format it. What's more, if the Wintel thing HAD offered to format it, he would have found that he could plug it into his Mac and read the pictures off of it without any hassle. In short, the author has a point.
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    Windows Hurts
  • Thanks for testing 10.4 for me. I always wait for someone else to test it first.
  • > I can’t remember back to 10.3.0 - but it does seem like 10.4.0 has been prety unstable. I too am eagerly awaiting 10.4.1 I wouldn't be able to comment on that, given that I upgraded to Panther at around 10.3.3, and Jaguar at around 10.2.2. I had a glitch or two that weren't in the previous version, but waiting the 6 or 8 weeks, which is always the sane thing to do, continues to prove worthwhile.
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    Looking Forward to 10.4.1