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  • Dec 09, 2007
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  • The ads are not meant to SELL computers. For years Apple had the best creativity from world class ad agencies (Chiat Day, for example), However, if the consumer was not listening, what good are the ads? Now, with Vista delays, PC viruses, and iPods on the mind, Apple is turning heads. Are these people ready to switch? Maybe. But all it may take is a voice from Apple themselves supporting what they may have read in their papers. Peple are now receptive. These people are the borderline market. Thinking about buying a Mac (because Boot Camp gives them a safety net) but just a little shy in pulling the trigger. The ads speac to these people in very few words and they hold your attention. The right message at the right time. Most advertising (car advertising, for example) is not aimed at new sales. They are aimed for retaining their existing base. Make them loyal. Validation that they made a good choice. Proud of their decision. Thats where the Apple ads excel. They validate one's decision to buy a Mac. "Boy, that's exactly the reason why I want to try a Mac." Next stop. Apple Store.
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    Why the New Mac Campaign will Fail