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  • Mar 30, 2009
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  • What I've come to hate about the Web is that rarely, if ever, do people focus on the positive points of an opinion piece, particularly if it presents criticism of Apple or OS X (even if, as here, the criticism is constructive and reasonable). You get comments like the one from Matt and Larie, who even take issue with the suggestion of an additional feature (Blu-ray burning) because "no one is using it" or that "it takes too long." If the former was a valid point, FireWire (and indeed, Apple) would have been dead a long time ago. Apple is one of the developers of Blu-ray, and having it as option -- even if is cutting edge -- would be wonderful. Does it take too long? That's a damn relative question. But, as a short film producer, it would be great to be able to burn and HD disc, even if I had to let it work overnight.
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    7 Things Apple could Learn from Windows 7
  • I happened to think that the article was well written and insightful. Tweaks, eh? Much of the significant evolution of OS X has involved what some might call "tweaks." I happen to think that the Dock comments are very apropos. The dock right now is both a central element of OS X and flawed. The 3-D implementation in Leopard seems like a step backward, too, since its appearance might make it more difficult to add functionality and information. It would be great, for example, to have information about the number of individual documents open for each application -- and a way to navigate to them a la "stacks," perhaps. Or a more "informative" downloading and processing indicators. I might also add that the "feel" of speed in an operating system is as important as benchmarks, and speed in common "simple" tasks is generally more important to average users than the time it takes to process an effect in Photoshop or Final Cut Pro. I have a range of Macs -- ranging from a dual processor G5 tower to a 24" Core 2 Duo iMac -- and I still see the infamous beach ball too many times.
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    7 Things Apple could Learn from Windows 7