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  • Jan 10, 2010
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  • As someone who is over 40, enjoys visiting Disney World (and Disneyland for that matter) and owns a dozen or so Apple devices, this article didn't really do anything for me. Instead of comparing It's a Small World to Pirates of the Caribbean, the author would have done better to compare Disney World (Apple) to your home town, run of the mill amusement park (Dell). In both cases, you pay for the enhanced user experience. If you want crappy, carbon-copy rides that offer little more than a queasy feeling in your stomach, then by all means, the amusement park is for you. But I'm looking for an immersive experience that goes BEYOND just the roller coaster. I want to feel like I'm actually ripping down the side of Mt. Everest. I buy Apple products because I like the way they just work. I like that the company has taken the extra effort to make the interface pleasant to look at and intuitive. Both Disney and Apple pay attention to the small details that other companies seem to ignore (or think you'll ignore). I think I understand the point the author was trying to make, but the arguments used were hardly persuading. The flamethrower comment was rather juvenile. The author would have done better to do some research into the resale value of Apple computers on ebay and craigslist compared to comparable Dell machines. Or for that matter, if the author insists on drawing comparisons to Disney World and Apple, then explain why Disney World gets so many more visitors a year than Universal Studios? If price is the only factor someone takes into consideration, then we'd all be just as happy with the mediocre amusement park. I'd say to the author: quit bitching about something you haven't bothered to research further. -Denvernative
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    Apple Pricing? Quit your Bitching!