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  • Feb 06, 2006
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  • "9. IE 7 (look everybody, it has this new feature called TABS, we think it will be big!) Taking suck to the next level 6. A Linux distro designed for “normal people” (ha ha ha ha ha ha, keep dreaming) 7. 20 year old company motto of “Ship it now, patch it for the next 6 years” no longer seems to work 5. Programmers confused about which security holes to leave in so that Microsoft can effectively sell “anti-virus” software to hordes of morons" hahaha... gold!
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    James's Top 10 List of Everything for 2005
  • I just bought a dual 2.5 in April and I'd totally buy a Quad had I the deposible cash. Saying it's a waste of money is idiocy. I encourage you to check out the following article:
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    Don't Buy A Quad G5
  • So maybe that single processor G5 they discontinued? :) Maybe drop that in a Quicksilver style case. Something between a Mac Mini and a PowerMac G5 can also be easily found second hand by way of a used dual G4 tower. I know that's not exactly what you meant.
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    Does the Mac Need a New Model?
  • Found a thorough browser comparison chart. Seems Opera 8 is a touch faster over all. Safari 1.2 is faster than 2.0 in some areas, but 2.0 takes the cake on CSS.
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    Safari Improved
  • James, that'd be great. Post up yo! :p
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    Safari Improved
  • ^^^ I want to know the same thing. It was my understanding that Safari is indeed the fastest browser on the Mac platform. At least this was true up unitil 10.3.9 + latest Saari compatible.
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    Safari Improved
  • I've actually switched back to Panther and will remain there until 10.4.3. But I miss Dashboard by far the most. I used it regularly for the weather, calculator and quite a few excellent 3rd party widgets. Spotlight I can totally live without. I actually dislike the way it searches and prefer the Panther way. Automater, I haven't found or heard of anything about it I really need. RSS is Safari crashes a stupid amount still. NetNewsWire is better. I like that Disk Utility is more powerful in Tiger. That's a significant bit that wasn't mentioned.
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    Tiger? Where did you go?
  • There is only good from what I've seen.
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    What Are Your Thoughts New iPod
  • Uh, yeah, an iPod with no headphones port would be just about useless. Apparently it's on the bottom to be worn around the neck with a lanyard.
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    iPod nano is here!
  • So really your only beef is the track ball thing and the design which as you stated is subjective. I don't like the design a whole lot either, but IMO it seems this article is a lot of pissing and moaning for the sake of it. The first 3 paragraphs of this article are pretty much pointless and the title, while quite funny, is a little misleading. I'll sum up: As a single button mouse - works well. As right click mouse - works well. Side buttons - work well. You don't like the track ball much or the design. So bottom line, for you, it's a 3 out of 4 + subjective dislike. Meh. :p
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    Mighty Mouse: Excrement Now Comes in White
  • This whole article assumes that every Mac mini must be equipped with an Apple monitor. When in fact, Apple has almost (wisely) encouraged the use of 3rd party monitors which obviously can be purchased for less or are already in new users' possession. The objective is to get fed up Windows users to switch. Mac mini is the bait for future upgrades to an iMac etc. If a user is switching to Apple with no other computer equipment, they'd likely be better of with purchasing an eMac or iMac.
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    Apple Monitors: The Price Problem
  • I like my PSP more than my iPod too. Only use it for gaming. iPod movie seems likely. iTunes Movie Store sounds weird though. Should be the next iMovie contain a movie store?
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    I love my PSP more than my iPod
  • I agree about the car thing. My comment too. For someone entering a car for the first time, I'd say it's far more intimidating that using a computer. Ask your friends who drive automatic if they use anything other than Park, Reverse and Drive... maybe Neutral if they go through carwashes. Typically there are 2 other 'gears' that most don't even know the function of.
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    The Mac Has Never Been User-Friendly
  • How does the 20 GB hold up to 20,000 photos and the 60 holds up to 25,000? Only 5000 more?
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    Apple Merges iPod & iPod Photo Lines
  • I'm a happy .Mac customer. And if you don't find bookmarks being sync's useful you must have missed the point on this feature. I absolutely love having all my bookmarks sync'd between work and home. And with the advent of Tiger, I can now sync my RSS feeds like Applematters across multiple machines. Or, if I find an interesting article at work and don't have time to read it, I can just bookmark, sync and then read it at home or vice versa. If you work from home, it might not be so great a feature, but even then there can be advantages (like easily finding links to show people away from your computer). Or what about if you want to reinstall your system for some reason? I do this often out of hobby and it's great being able to simply turn on .Mac and there's a bunch of my essential stuff. A few less things to worry about in reinstalling. So for me, there are 5 features I use on a daily basis, equating to $20 each. That's worth it.
    donovan had this to say on Jun 24, 2005 Posts: 19
    What's Wrong With .Mac and How to Fix It