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  • Jan 28, 2011
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  • Bill Gates stepped down as CEO and Ballmer took over in early 2000 - over 10 years ago now. Gates was Chief Software Architect, yes, but Ballmer has been solely responsible for the company's performance and strategy since then - and that includes hiring Ray Ozzie to replace Bill Gates a few years ago, which obviously did not go all that well.
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    Is Ballmer Getting a Raw Deal?
  • I thought that Apple had to drop Facebook integration at the last minute because Facebook refused to let them use the API? Apple surely demonstrated Ping with FB integration. I agree with all your recommendations, but I think that they have some time to do this. It took a while for most of the social network sites to get third party APIs, etc., worked out. I do think that it's silly that this is only available within iTunes (or on an iOS device), but it's still early. Apple surely is not shy about releasing a product or technology if it in not 100% feature ready. OS X was basically an alpha release when it came out; the original iPod had no iTunes for Windows for years (I think is supported Musicmatch, or something, after a while), and no store for years, either. The iPhone had no apps when it was first released. I think is Ping stays what it is now, it's doomed to failure. We'll see what Apple does with it.
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    Ping: Apple's Dismal Foray into Social Media
  • From the reviews that I have read, the Droid seems not to have an excellent physical keyboard - it's described as mediocre at best (without any predictive text correction, either.) Also, I'm trying to figure out who at Verizon thought that I would want to buy a phone that puts Sauron in my pocket. ;) No matter; the Droid is a positive step for Verizon customers - say, those who might consider an iPhone but cannot get good service from AT&T;, or who prefer Verizon's customer service over AT&T;, or who do not want the hassle of switching carriers. The Droid looks to be better than anything WM or Blackberry right now, so that's good news.
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    The DROID vs. the iPhone: It's in the Advertising
  • I honestly do not think that Apple cares all that much about being a niche player in the desktop OS market. At this point I think that they are content with trying to continue to grow share, or hold on to as much as they have gained in the last five years, realizing that they have a huge advantage now in the mobile market that people will be slowly migrating to as the devices become more powerful. Apple pretty much said that in their last quarterly financial phone conference; that they care more about growing profits that they do about short-term fluctuations in market share, and that they will not sacrifice profit for the sake of share. And as Microsoft's hardware partners continue to compete themselves into lower profitability with crappier products, Apple will, in the long-term, do just fine.
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    Mac 2.0 or How Apple Could Win the Desktop Wars